Vaporight Essential Oil – Rosehip Oil (10ml Roll-on)

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Ingredients: Menthol, Rosehip Oil, and Dok F fulvic minerals

1. Vaporight essential oil is ready to use and easy to apply. It is 100% safe and with all natural ingredients. It is an on the go essential oil that smells good and perfect when you are travelling.
2. Vaporight essential oil has a unique and award winning ingredients, the Dok F fulvic minerals it makes the vaporight contain the highest therapeutic value.
3. Our vaporight essential oil has a combination of local and imported ingredients thus it is sustainable. Vaporight essential oil has the highest quality therapeutic grade and 100% pure essential oil.
4. Vaporight essential oil has an Amber glass bottle that is really a suitable storage for essential oils. It could secure the nutrients, taste and aroma of the product thus it protects the sensitive essential oil from direct sunlight, UV rays and harmful chemicals.
5. Our company is already 13 years in the health business promoting alternative medicine so you can be assured that no single synthetic ingredient was included and no preservatives were added.
6. Our laboratory is duly approved and inspected by the FDA.


• Instant relief for headache
• Decongestant
• Helps you sleep well
• Aromatherapy solution
• Soothes muscle aches
• Improves mood
• Fast relief for insect bites, itches and allergies
• Good for the skin
• Non-irritant
• Cure for skin diseases and allergies
• Helps you relax
• Aid for stress
• Aid for insomnia

Ang vaporight essential oil ay isang kakaibang vapor oil dahil sa mga sangkap nito. Ang kombinasyon ng menthol, rosehip oil at dinagdagan pa ng unique na sangkap na fulvic minerals ay isang napaka epektibong essential oil.

Ayon sa content calculation, ang vitamin C content ng rosehip oil ay 220x sa citrus at 1360x sa apple, sanstrawberry ay 190 times, sa red bean ay 213 times at kiwi fruit ay 130 times. Ginagamit din ang rosehip oil bilang aromatherapy, nababawasan nito ang mga autonomic responses sa atin tulad ng systolic blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and breathing rate. Kaya mas narerelax at nawawala ang stress sa mga nakaamoy nito. Ito rin ay maganda para sa ating balat dahil puno ito ng vitamin A. Dahil rin sa anti-inflammatory properties nito, nababawasan nito ang sakit na dulot ng osteoarthritis.

Ang unique na pormulasyon na ito ay nagpaparelax at nagpapa ganda sa ating mood. Ito rin ay decongestant. Ito rin ay instant relief sa pananakit ng iyong ulo. Dahil sa taglay nitong Dok F fulvic minerals na nakakagamot ng mga skin diseases, pwede itong panlaban sa mga bacterial, fungal at viral infection sa ating balat. Kapag nakagat ng mga insekto pwede rin ito ipahid sa balat para iwas pangangati.

Ito rin ay nakalagay sa Amber Glass Bottles na talagang nagpoprotekta sa ating essential oil laban sa matinding init, blue light, UV rays at mula sa mga nakakasamang kemikal. Ito rin ay nagpapanatili sa taste, aroma at nutrisyon na nasa produkto. Wala ring makakapasok na ano mang nakakasamang kemikal sa lalagyan dahil sa proteksyon na hatid ng high-class bottles na ito.


For ages 12 years old and above, apply topically to chest, temples, lower back, back of the neck or aching muscles and joints.

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9 reviews for Vaporight Essential Oil – Rosehip Oil (10ml Roll-on)

  1. princess_kovich

    Cure for skin diseases and allergies, ready to use and easy to apply! Perfect as Travel buddy!

  2. Mary Ann B.

    Good for relaxation.

  3. jimmypatricio

    It has a very pleasant smell really effective if you want to feel relaxed and calm. I really like the way it has different pleasant smells so that i will not get bored using one type of it with same smell over and over again.

  4. lenievaldez916

    I love it coz it’s makes me sleep well , so relaxing ….

  5. kathrenemanilag1990

    It’s adorable and refreshing.

  6. mtfu111092


  7. Geline Sabanal

    Amazing scent!


    Good scent !! very relaxing

  9. Junax

    For me, this is extremely impressive.

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