Manual Type of the Meat Saline Water Injecting Machine

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Model MN-8
Capacity 100—150kg/h
Needle 8pc
Power 0.75KW
Volts 220v
Injection pressure 0.3-0.4Mpa
Dimensions 725*655*760mm
Material 304 stainless steel

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Product Application
This machine for injection saline and accessories into meat and make the meat fully pickled, injection prepared water to make meat tender, soft, improved meat quality and production rate. Manual saline injection machine is to inject salt water, starch, soy protein and accessories into the meat fully preserved, so that meat tenderizer, soft, improved mouth bits of meat and meat products increased production rate.
The device should be widely used in beef, pork, duck breast, roast, ham and other food companies engaged in meat processing

Description of saline injection machine
Manual saline injection machine can send the salt water and material preparation of pickled uniformly injected into pieces, can shorten the curing time, uniform distribution and curing agent, greatly improving the meat tastes and production rate.
Features of saline injection machine
1) Stainless steel material.
2) Reasonable design, rigorous structure.
3) Easy to operate and clean, sanitation.
4) The automatic protection device, when hard hit needle needle lift, then avoid being damaged.
5) Injection pressure can be adjusted

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 73 × 66 × 82 cm

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