Kidney Formula 2 Cider Vinegar with Sambong

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Unique Advantages of Dok F Kidney Formula 2 Cider Vinegar with Sambong

1. It has a unique and superior mixture of nutrients because of the added Fulvic Minerals and Multivitamins. In addition, it also contains Banana Cider, which helps increase our body’s serotonin or happy chemical production.

2. It is extraordinary than other supplements because it has no overdose, you are 100% safe because all ingredients are natural and organic.

3. Other than the main benefit, it has other underlying amazing benefits because of its highly selected ingredients

4. Our laboratory is duly approved and inspected by DFA.

5. Our company is already 13 years in the health business promoting alternative medicine so you can be assured that no single synthetic ingredient was included and no preservatives added.

Ang Banana cider na pangunahing sangkap ng Kidney Formula 2 Cider Vinegar variant ay isang fruit wine extract mula sa sagging na “saba”, na puno ng potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, at manganese, na siyang nagbibigay ng sapat na enerhiya sa katawan, nagpapalakas ng immune system, at tumutulong upang maparami ang produksyon ng serotonin o happy chemical.

Bukod sa banana cider ang nakamamahang pormulasyong ito ay may mga sangkap din na  Apple cider; Sambong, na may kakayahang magamot ang mga kidney diseases, at inererekumenda ng Philippine Council for Health Research and Development- Department of Science and Technology (PCHRD-DOST) at ng mga doktor sa Pilipinas; Rosehips; Menthol arvensis; Eucalyptus; Chamomile; Clove oil; at Lemon+Orange.

Dahil naman sa mayroon itong mataas na fiber content at beneficial bacteria o probiotics ang pormulasyong ito ay tumutulong sa pagpapababa ng timbang at pinapabuti din nito ang gut health, nakakatulong din ito upang ma-control ang blood pressure at mapabuti ang presyon ng dugo at nagbibigay ng pinakamabisang cardiovascular protection at tumutullong upang malaban ang mga free radical damage na nag dudulot ng cancer, hypertension, cardiac arrest, ADHD o attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, menstrual irregular cycle, gastrointestinal problems at type 2 diabetes.


– Rich source of fiber
– Rich in potassium and vitamin B6
– Eases Digestion
– kills cancer cells and slower their growth
– Can correct hormonal imbalance
– Helps fight insomnia
– Helps treat kidney stones and UTI
– Manages cholesterol and blood pressure
– Powerhouse of nutrients
• Relieves sore throats, coughs colds and flues
• Relieves menstrual cramps
• Dissolve kidney stones
• Prevents liver disease
• Reduce the risk of stoke
• Lowers blood pressure
• Reduce blood sugar
• Cures diarrhea and stomach problems
• Relieves constipation
• Boost immune system
• Contains probiotics
• Relieves menstrual cramps
• Effective antimicrobial
• Prevents respiratory disease
• Lowers blood pressure


How to use Dok F Cider Vinegar with Sambong to lose weight
1. Prepare a glass of water
2. Add 1-2 tablespoon of Cider Vinegar to the glass of water
3. Mix it and enjoy
– If you are sensitive to caffeine, alcohol or probiotics, drink this combination once a day 2 hours after a meal
– If you are used to drinking Cider Vinegar, drink it on an empty stomach in the morning to maximize the potency of the probiotics, you can also increase the doses 2-3 times a day before meal time.

How to use Dok F Cider Vinegar with Sambong to improve sleep quality
– Using the bottle cap, take a shot of Cider Vinegar every night before bed time

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5 reviews for Kidney Formula 2 Cider Vinegar with Sambong

  1. jacquelinecotora88

    pr0ven safe and effective.

  2. kathrenemanilag1990

    helps to heal renal disease and is easy to use

  3. Junax

    For me, this is amazing.

  4. mtfu111092-3548

    Natural and safe.

  5. lenievaldez916

    Taste good!!!Safe and effective and these are my benefits from it :

    • Reduce the risk of stoke
    • Lowers blood pressure
    • Reduce blood sugar

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