Ice Crusher

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DIMENSION 425*200*305mm

Volts: 220v-240v/ 50-60hz

Revolution: 2000r/m

Crusher capacity: 65kg/h

Additional information

Weight 5.0 kg

26 reviews for Ice Crusher

  1. Carmen

    serviceable , durable and very friendly to the user

  2. jimmysibonga27

    Easy to operate and durable

  3. brillantesstellamarie

    durable and very useful !

  4. jimmysibonga27

    Easy to operate..Highly recommended

  5. cutie143kent

    Very affordable.

  6. vfrancismay22

    Very nice and convenient to use.Very nice and convenient to use.

  7. Carmen

    Amazing product for business

  8. riverachinome

    HIGH QUALITY MACHINE. Helps you makes it easy.

  9. brillantesstellamarie

    Highly recommended!

  10. jefford.lingolingo

    Wow easy to use, awesome

  11. Pinky

    High quality machine

  12. Jimmy Sibonga

    Easy to operate and very efficient..I want to purchase another one for our halo-halo business…

  13. darling villaflor

    Products of high quality at a low cost

  14. Rexylle joy Dolar

    Convenient machine..easy to used and very affordable..highly recommended!!

  15. Junrel Bitang

    It’s ideal for someone like myself who like cold beverages.

  16. richiejane13

    High quality machine

  17. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Highly recommended machine.high quality.

  18. Gezza_0206

    Very affordable and high quality machine.


    It’s easy to use ice crusher
    DURABLE quality

  20. Melvin A

    easy to use.

  21. Patty Galagate

    really helpful

  22. Juday

    Wow so good for my halo halo business thanks to this machine

  23. allanandrade032

    Quality and very affordable machine and good for halo-halo business. I love it.

  24. Geline Sabanal

    Very nice and convenient to use.

  25. Analiza Tabion

    High quality products at a very low price


    Super easy to use and super affordable.

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