Ice Cream Machine

(35 customer reviews)


Dimension: 570*620*1450

Weight: 96 Kg

Voltage: 220v, 60Hz, 1ph


Looking for Ice Cream Machines? Our products are widely used for the best ice cream makers on the market to make frozen treats everywhere, Very Efficient and Easy to operate.

35 reviews for Ice Cream Machine

  1. jacquelinecotora88

    very useful for business.high quality machine.

  2. brillantesstellamarie

    very useful for business.

  3. jimmysibonga27

    The best!

  4. Junrel Bitang

    want this machine, its big income if you run an ice cream business

  5. migueljoy14

    Perfect for business

  6. ferlanatonton

    Perfect for my ice cream business 👌👌👌👌👌

  7. jimmysibonga27

    Good for business

  8. Juday

    Surely will order next time 👌

  9. cutie143kent

    very Affortable .

  10. Carmen

    Do you want to be rich ? use this product ,easy , durable and comfortable in making Ice cream to compete other brand

  11. villegasroland80

    I recommend this for new business

  12. riverachinome

    High quality machine. Avail it now.

  13. wjcastanares

    Good for business. Nice quality and affordable.

  14. jacquelinecotora88

    Convinience to use and very useful for business purposes.

  15. annaliza_alponte

    affordable and beneficial for launching a small business

  16. brillantesstellamarie

    very useful and easy to use.

  17. melchorespelita382

    long last and very high-quality machine.

  18. orffacole37

    Incredibly easy to use, you can create delicious ice cream, rich creamy gelato and sorbet all in the comfort of your own home.

  19. Pinky

    high quality machine

  20. Patty Galagate

    very high quality. easy to use and perfect for my business

  21. [email protected]

    Highly Recommended machine and it can be used in business

  22. darling villaflor

    Ice cream is now simple to prepare. Amazing!

  23. Rexylle joy Dolar

    High qualities machine..but affordable. Easy to used..highly recommended

  24. Juday

    Unlike any brands of ice cream machine ,this one is very high wuality and serves it purpose!


    Amazing this is machine is good for business easy to make ice cream
    So amazing
    Good quality and durable

  26. mtfu111092-3548

    good quality.

  27. quitaragrace

    Wow what a tremendous product

  28. richiejane13

    High quality machine

  29. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    So easy to operate.amazing!

  30. Melvin A

    Heavy equipment that is quite beneficial in the workplace.

  31. Kathrene

    It was quite beneficial for launching a small business.

  32. jzelcristobal

    Nice machine.
    Specially for business.

  33. Marilou Almendras

    Looking for super durable??must try this..

  34. Zaldy Balendra

    Now it is easy to make ice cream. Amazing!

  35. Junax

    For me, it’s truly incredible.

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