Electric Char Grill (HEL-841)


Power:9KW /Hour

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*Grill supports lava rock,burner heats lava rock evenly,then radiate to broiler stove line.

*Stove line constructed from cast iron,inclined heating surface to avoid meat juice and grease dropping into lava rock and bring about smoke,decrease pollution,convenient and sanitary.

*A Gas Dispensing Unit is incorporated in the Casing and fired into the lava rocks above.

*The advantage of this design is that the rocks acts as the heat conductor and in similar fashion of a charcoal grill, but without the dirt and inconvenience of such a unit.

*It is also a better system in comparison with a gas grill heated using a metal plate.

*It enhances the flavours of grilling, durable and very practical for outdoor family use.

Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 82 × 71 × 62 cm


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