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Squalene is from shark liver oil which can help cleanse and strengthen the heart and each cell against cancer. Squalene plus Dok F fulvic minerals are rich in benefits and minerals.

Dok F squalene benefits:


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94 reviews for Dok F Squalene Capsules

  1. Carmen

    Prevents skin cancer ,makes skin flawless, sure na sure when frequently used.

  2. sweetbongabong05

    Proven and tested. Highly recommended.

  3. vfrancismay22

    The best food supplements I’ve ever had, plus they are great for my heart and skin.

  4. migueljoy14

    Best and effective food supplement

  5. Carmen

    Highly recommended for persons with heart disease

  6. Juday

    i can sleep well and feel recharge the next day

  7. vfrancismay22

    So effective love it !

  8. sweetbongabong05

    It keeps my heart strong and healthy.

  9. sweetbongabong05

    Proven and tested. I love it

  10. vfrancismay22

    This is highly recommended product good for the heart

  11. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    Wow! Help cleanse and strenghten the heart. I’ll buy again.

  12. wjcastanares

    Naturally safe, very effective. You must try this one.

  13. Miemie

    Perfect partner with elixir.

  14. vfrancismay22

    It gives you a healthy and glowing skin…..

  15. orffacole37

    promote eye health, and lower the risk of cancer

  16. perriemacabutas

    Good for the skin. Help cleanse and boost your immune system.

  17. Juday

    if you are suffering from palpitations you must use this!

  18. adomingoramos813

    This is highly recommended product good for the heart

  19. brillantesstellamarie

    So effective love it !

  20. jimmysibonga27

    The best anti insomnia formula..

  21. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    Good for my heart. Very safe! I ♡ you.

  22. brillantesstellamarie

    Pure herbal and so safe ! Thankyou so much!

  23. Miemie

    Good for sleeping habit. Very safe

  24. sweetbongabong05

    No to synthetic medicines. Yes to herbal products! I love it!

  25. gchris_toph23

    effective ! protects us form cancer cells. and keep our skin glowing. thanks to this product.

  26. ianmarkenriquez

    Cleanse and Streghtens your heart with this effective and affordable capsule

  27. ianmarkenriquez

    the best capsules that cleanse and detoxify your Heart.

  28. jimmypatricio

    Very good and effective product for protecting and strengthening the heart.

  29. alesernelia3

    Thank you seller. Supper sulit, affortable and very effective pa.

  30. panergomaricel22

    It’s proven and tested safe, good for the heart!

  31. Miemie

    It’s really good for the skin. Must try!

  32. mariacristyvillacampa1970

    The best for the heart and skin.

  33. wjcastanares

    Naturally safe and effective. Amazing product.

  34. richiejane13

    Good for the skin

  35. janiceremosil18

    Safe and effective.

  36. joechacj

    Super effective and safe. Highly recommended products

  37. melchorespelita382

    very good for the heart and skin. highly recommend

  38. orffacole37

    Its antioxidant capabilities help protect my skin from the harsh effects of the environment.

  39. Renren Lucero

    The best food supplements I’ve ever had, plus they are great for my heart and skin.

  40. Jerben Entierro

    really amazing, good for the heart and it can glow our skin, I love this product Packaging are really good. highly recommended

  41. Rayjean

    Good for the skin as well as for the heart.

  42. Miemie

    Good for the heart. Love it.

  43. Bonica Coroña

    Very good for the heart and very effective.

  44. Jerome Porras

    My Best Remedies during my Nervousness it can relieve fastier.

  45. John Paul Sorinio Nanay

    Amazing product very effective!!!

  46. Perrie Macabutas

    good for the heart and also for the skin must try ! I highly recommended

  47. Chinome Rivera

    Full of benefits
    that need our heart and skin.. Try now.

  48. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Its really good for my healthy heart 💕


  49. Miemie

    It gives you a healthy and glowing skin.

  50. jimtags

    Wow, this is really great.


    Very effective and you will immediately experience changes in your health.

  52. Cristy Villacampa

    Best for cardiac problems, as well as healthy skin and resistance.

  53. Joy Miguel

    Effective!it helps reduced stress

  54. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Good for heart problems ❤️💛❤️💛

  55. kalibodokalternatibo

    Good for the my heart and skin.

  56. Pinky

    strengthen the heart and each cell against cancer.

  57. annaliza Alponte

    good for the heart and skin

  58. NEQUE

    good for heart problem and skin


    Rich for vi.t.E that is good for my skin.

  60. Kathrene

    This meal supplement is one of my favorites.

  61. Sherwin Emnace

    Its truly good for the heart and skin.

  62. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    Amazing, good for the heart and skin


    heart problem? must try product, safe and very effective.

  64. Pamee

    Proven and tested. It maintains the skin’s moisture barrier and hydration.

  65. allanandrade032

    Made of shark oil and good for the heart. Thanks for this.


    Very effective to help fight cancer. Try it now!

  67. Rayjean

    Good for the skin and strengthen the endurance of my heart.

  68. Jodelyn Pantinople

    My husband love it. He used it every day

  69. Ferla

    Natural antioxidant 😍

  70. Miemie

    Good for the heart. Also I can sleep well at night Everytime I take this.

  71. Juday

    These product maintains my glowing skin everyday

  72. jessa mae lozada

    DOK S – Good for skin, so I rate 5 stars. 🙂

  73. joanaurelio27

    Full of vitamins & menirals
    that Verygood to my heart , you must try it too.

  74. Marilou Almendras

    Highly recommended!
    Effective on my heart palpitation before.

  75. Grace Emperado

    this is the very best product to take care of our heart esp when we experienced heart palpitations .

  76. Analiza Tabion

    Good for the heart.

  77. Wilmenjay Castañares

    Good for our heart. Safe and effective. Amazing.

  78. Grasya Jumao-as

    very effective po, it’s good for the heart and supports a healthy immune system. 

  79. Maricris

    When I experienced heart palpitation , I take it sublingual . So effective and heals naturally.

  80. Ms. Mel

    It’s very good for the heart ❤️ you must try it ❤️

  81. zaldy.balendra

    Good for the skin and heart

  82. Mgrace Lumasag

    When I started using this, it strengthens my heart and slowly stops palpitations.

  83. Tessie Payot

    It relieves my chest pain…really amazing

  84. Marites Montoya

    Best for heart problem

  85. jzelcristobal

    Very effective and safe. It strengthen my heart.

  86. mtfu111092

    Effective and safe.

  87. Noime Manzanero

    It is amazing. It is good for our heart at the same time it gives us a healthy skin.

  88. [email protected]

    wonderful for heart disease and skin smoothness and it’s really effective.

  89. Melissa Mae Alfante

    A really good product, not only for preventing disease but also good for our skin.

  90. Rexylle joy Dolar

    Heart problem??and fight cancer…dok f squalene is the best for that..100% tested and proven by me and my family..i highly recommended this!


    Help cleanse and strengthen the heart.

  92. Geline Sabanal

    I really love this food supplement, good for the heart and also for skin.

  93. virgosapphire10

    Wow! I love this very effective and safe!

  94. Messy Jean Acojedo

    I take one capsule every night before going to bed. Good for skin, so I rate 5 stars.

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