Dok F Powdered Activated Charcoal (Jar)

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Dok F Powdered Activated Charcoal heal all the wounds in your body, just simply apply small amounts in the wounded part. Nakakatulong din ito sa pagbawas ng sakit at kung may burn skin ka ay effective din ito. It absorbs chemical substance that are harmful to the body such as germs,viruses , toxins, and wound secretions and other products of infections .


Alleviates allergy
Boosts anti-fungal protection
Cleanse digestive system
Cleanses blood
Contains anti-aging effect
Emergency toxin removal
Fight toxins
Improve dental hygiene
Improves kidney function
Prevents risks of cancer
Promotes gastrointestinal health
Promotes skin health
Reduces indigestion
Regulates cholesterol level
Relieves pain
Treats acne
Treats bloating
Treats constipation
Treats hangover
Treats trimethylaminuria




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112 reviews for Dok F Powdered Activated Charcoal (Jar)

  1. sweetbongabong05

    Heals open wounds quickly without pain.

  2. sweetbongabong05

    Proven and tested. It heals the wounds of my niece and nephew quickly.

  3. sweetbongabong05

    It heals open wouds quickly and safely without hurting.

  4. villegasroland80


  5. sweetbongabong05

    A good remedy for healing wounds and other skin scratches.

  6. villegasroland80


  7. sweetbongabong05

    This is a great remedy for open wounds and scratches on our skin. Proven and tested.

  8. villegasroland80

    Good all kinds of wounds it absorb toxin!!!!

  9. sweetbongabong05

    It perfectly heals my sunburn and the wounds of my niece. I love the natural effects of this product. This is really safe with lots of benefits.

  10. jimmysibonga27

    100% safe and effective

  11. sweetbongabong05

    It is super effective in healing wounds and scratches in our skin, especially to kids. It heals faster than other ointments.

  12. Juday

    safe and organic

  13. villegasroland80

    I really like the product
    I recomment it

  14. cutie143kent

    very Effective . Proven and Tested.

  15. villegasroland80

    Ot good for the wounds to absorb toxin..

  16. brillantesstellamarie

    The best ! fast to heal wounds thank you so much !

  17. Miemie

    Safe and natural

  18. sweetbongabong05

    This product is really great. I am using this on my niece and nephews who keeps on playing outside and gained a lot of wounds. Tested and proven. I love it!

  19. Phoebe 💜

    So effective for wounds!

    Love it.

  20. Pinky

    Good for hyper acidity

  21. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    Can cure naturally. Effective!

  22. janiceremosil18

    Proven and tested

  23. jacquelinecotora88

    All natural and effective.

  24. marineldangan

    It helps to heal wounds, clear the colon, and provide the highest anti-oxidant protection.

  25. villegasroland80

    It can aborb toxin if u have wounds it help to u for this ..
    Just try iteffective

  26. jimmypatricio

    Very effective for alleviating pain in wounds and for fighting toxins in the body.

  27. Jerry arellano

    Very effective for wounds

  28. sweetbongabong05

    Nice! I love it!

  29. noimemanzanero522

    Very effective for me. It absorbs toxin in our body.

  30. camporedondoannaliza

    Yes totoo na try ko super epiktibo

  31. Pinky

    very safe…..

  32. melchorespelita382

    very effective in any form of wound … no chemical-based.

  33. Kathrene

    It is beneficial in the healing of wounds, as well as cleaning the colon and providing the best anti-oxidant protection.

  34. Jimmy Sibonga

    100% safe and effective.

  35. josie sarballon

    Good in healing wounds and it cleans colon and best anti oxidant

  36. mjd80213

    Very effective if you are in pain.

  37. agustinoliver58

    The great effect if you suffer a pain in your body.

  38. Cristine Ladera

    Indigestion solved fast, no hassle, no dehydration

  39. Benjie M. Lambac

    Indigestion solved fast, no hassle, no dehydration

  40. april angelique Diesca

    must try…very effective product

  41. Pinky

    Proven and tested…

  42. Nelia

    very affordable and incredible product.

  43. Miemie

    Very safe and very effective

  44. Ferla




  46. Wilmenjay Castañares

    Nice product. It will help you to eliminate toxins and easy to relieve your wounds.

  47. Christopher Gacutan

    Very Effective can heal all the wounds in your body

  48. Cristy Villacampa

    It’s great for cuts and wounds, and it’s also useful for diarrhea.

  49. AnastacioHalaman,Jr.

    this is my trusted brand for almost 7 years! I use it as poultice, sometime toothpaste , and sometime I sealed it in a can, and I drink 2 tablespoon of it once a week! a very powerful detoxification powder! and one thing, It’s very cheap compare to expensive colon cleanse juice in the market. try it!

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  50. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    So effective for all types of wounds.


  51. Marjory


  52. quitaragrace

    excellent product indeed.. very glad i’ve try to use this 👍👍👍

  53. Jerome Porras

    I used this when i experienced Diarhhea, Stomach Ache/Trouble and HyperAcidity.

  54. serjascherryann

    I used it as a black tea and it really helped with my stomach acidity.

  55. Pinky

    It absorbs chemical substance that are harmful to the body such as germs,viruses , toxins, and wound secretions and other products of infections .

  56. Junrel Bitang

    This Charcoal powder has been shown to be quite beneficial in mending wounds or lumps, as well as for individuals who have ulcers that have healed from it.


    Very efficient. It aids in the rapid healing of my wounds. This is an incredible product.

  58. NEQUE

    very effective when my brother haved boil I used this product…

  59. Sherwin Emnace

    Good for detoxification !!!

  60. Jodelyn pantinople

    It’s really amazing. Good for cleaning open wound specially if you are diabetic. Highly recommended

  61. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    The best detoxifier

  62. Kathrene

    Very efficient. It aids in the rapid healing of my wounds. This is an incredible product.


    This product is so amazing, i use it as black tea to excrete toxins..

  64. Jerben Entierro

    I tried to order this one noong nag kapigsa ako, sobrang effective siya. highly recommended.

  65. allanandrade032

    It can heal my wound fast. I like it.

  66. gezza026

    Proven and tested, natural detoxifier.

  67. Jodelyn Miguel Pantinople

    I love this product. Really effective

  68. Miemie

    Wound healed immediately Highly recommended.

  69. Juday

    Very helpful if you experience LBM

  70. princess_kovich

    Affordable. Effective as Detox especially on skin problems!

  71. Tessie Payot

    Safe and effective for indigestion… amazing product..

  72. [email protected]

    It can also be converted into black tea and other safe liquids for treatment on wounds and tumors.

  73. Francis Mark Gacot

    Very effective for edema purposes and inflammation used as a poultice

  74. Rexylle joy Dolar

    The best for detox..enternal and external usage..100% tested and proven..i highly recommend this product.

  75. Christina Ifsor

    A product that boosts anti-fungal protection.very good relief for pain on your wound.

  76. bonicacorona05

    Great helps with constipation and wound problem.

  77. Donitha Miola

    Proven and tested! Amazing product

  78. MGrace Lumasag

    a big

    It’s a big help on my stomach problem before, really amazing!

  79. Mary Ann Camo Babao

    This product can absorbs chemical subtances.

  80. jzelcristobal

    Very effective and safe. It helps you to heal your wounds.

  81. quitaragrace

    Indeed a very exceptional product I’ve used.

  82. Maricris

    Best for inflammation and wound.

  83. Joy R

    Very safe to use,

  84. Marites Montoya

    Best for breast mass

  85. Judith Chavez

    Dok P is an antioxidant, and Highly recommend this to heal wounds naturally.

  86. richiejane13

    It heals my wounds faster.

  87. Jacqueline Cotora

    Natural and very effective.

  88. mtfu111092

    Effective and safe.


    boost anti fungal protection, cleanse cleanse digestive system and alleviates allergy

  90. Zaldy Balendra

    very effective for cuts and wounds.

  91. gcaacbay8

    It helps to heal all the wounds in your body

  92. Geline Sabanal

    This is so effective in wound healing and it also helps whitens teeth. I use this a toothpaste also.

  93. LENIE VALDEZ (verified owner)

    Taste good and very effective for loosing weight

  94. LENIE VALDEZ (verified owner)

    Very effective for edema purposes and inflammation used as a poultice

  95. Marilou Almendras

    Good for LBM too.

  96. clovel kent

    proven and tested .

  97. Rayjean Doblas

    Safe to use to heal wounds.

  98. Analiza Tabion

    Good also for body cleansing asfe and pure herbal.

  99. princess_kovich

    the best for detoxification and for constipation. It works for me!

  100. Rayjean Doblas

    Safe to use to heal wounds. antioxidant.

  101. diane.avila

    Highly recommended! no hassle and no dehydration.

  102. Azel Antonio

    Amazing and very effective

  103. darling villaflor

    Fast relief from indigestion, no fuss, and no dehydration

  104. Messy Jean Acojedo

    good for the wounds. effective product

  105. Analyn Nelmida

    It helps to cleanse my digestive system, and we will order it again.

  106. Wilmenjay Castañares

    Very effective. It helps me to heal my wounds quickly. Amazing product.


    Very safe and effective to use and so affordable!

  108. Junax

    I tried it, and it helped with my hangover.

  109. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Very safe and effective!

    Highly recommended👌

  110. Jimmy Sibonga

    Highly recommended this product that heal wounds naturally!

  111. Patty Galagate

    Tinuod jd diay ^_^ effective tlga .salamat po

  112. Clovis Sabornido

    Indigestion solved fast, no hassle, no dehydration

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