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Mix10 herbal coffee is a coffee with 10 natural and organic ingredients. It is an energy booster, good for those with insomnia, it relieves constipation and it can improve your sleep. Along with that benefits, each ingredient has also underlying benefits.

1. Green coffee – it has chlorogenic that serves as a fat dissolver.

2.  Coco sugar – the best sweetener as lauded by United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization with low glycemic index.

3. Mangosteen powder – a very potent anti-oxidant and a powerful anti-inflammatory.

4. Whole wheat germ powder –  According to the study conducted by Harvard Medical School whole wheat germ powder is fibre-rich and beneficial in preventing cancer-promoting changes in the colon. Fibre from whole wheat also helps women avoid gallstones as published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

5. Cinnamon powder – Studies have shown that just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol. Several studies suggest that cinnamon may have a regulatory effect on blood sugar, making it especially beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes.

6. Turmeric powder – Turmeric is also good against oxidation and free radicals which is believed to be the cause of ageing and known to be cancer-fighting.

7. Tongkat Ali –  is primarily known for its sexual enhancing features. Grown exclusively in Southeast Asia, the natural testosterone booster is credited for increasing ones’ libido, muscle mass, energy levels, athletic performance, improving workout recovery time, and has also been associated with cancer fighting activities.

8. Corn coffee –  boosts immune system, delays hunger pangs, promotes weight loss in overweight people, extends endurance, improves circulation, eases digestion problems, decreases bloating, detoxifies the body and corn coffee alleviates the pain caused by migraine.

9. Spirulina – is 65% protein and amino acids including the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which has gotten a lot of attention for its anti-inflammatory properties. Spirulina is a natural “algae” (cyanbacteria) powder that is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients.

10. Fulvic Mineral – is a potent food for the cells invented by Dok Edgar L. Delibo, DMAM. Fulvic Mineral has received awards for its known health benefits. It is beneficial for those suffering with diabetes, heart diasease, blood-clot and high blood pressure. Direction Mix 2 -3 table spoon or 1 sachet of Mix10 Herbal Coffee into a cup of hot water. No need to add sweetener.


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200 reviews for Dok F Mix10 Herbal Coffee (Red)

  1. sweetbongabong05

    My favorite herbal coffee that tastes good and smells great.

  2. sweetbongabong05

    Proven and tested. I love its bitter taste and smell. It is good to mix with honey and B-complex.

  3. sweetbongabong05

    The best herbal coffee. You must try it.

  4. sweetbongabong05

    Proven and tested. My favorite coffee ever!

  5. sweetbongabong05

    The best coffee ever. I super love it. Tase good and smells great.

  6. adomingoramos813

    For me the best tried and testedd healthy brewed coffee ive tasted. Highly recommended

  7. villegasroland80

    My coffee every morning!!!

  8. sweetbongabong05

    This herbal coffee tastes good without sugar.

  9. sweetbongabong05

    I love this herbal coffee. It taste and smells great.

  10. villegasroland80

    Mix 10 herbal coffee

  11. sweetbongabong05

    Its bitter sweet taste is perfect for me. I super love it!

  12. villegasroland80


  13. sweetbongabong05

    Still my favorite herbal coffee. I really fits on my taste and needs.

  14. brillantesstellamarie

    pure natural and I so love it.

  15. villegasroland80


  16. Miemie

    My partner every morning. Natural coffee

  17. brillantesstellamarie

    I so love it my savior when I have a back pain. thankyou so much

  18. brillantesstellamarie

    Pure natural! amazing ,

  19. sweetbongabong05

    I just drink it now. No need to put sugar. It taste good and smells great. It fits on my taste. I love it!

  20. villegasroland80

    Mix 10 herbal coffee the best for morning …good for our health

  21. vfrancismay22

    My coffee everyday mix 10 herbal coffeee

  22. sweetbongabong05

    My favorite herbal coffee indeed. I super love it!

  23. Karren

    the best coffee ever

  24. brillantesstellamarie

    I so love it ! thank you so much

  25. Miemie

    The best!

  26. villegasroland80


  27. villegasroland80

    Masarap magkape pag umaga lalo na gamitan ng mix 10 herbal coffee

  28. sweetbongabong05

    Very nice and effective. I love it!

  29. Junax

    For me, this is a remarkable achievement.

  30. vfrancismay22

    Great wow, helps digestion and combat constipation

  31. brillantesstellamarie

    one of a kind coffee , so love it !

  32. vincelambac20

    it’s so delicious and relaxing coffee

  33. vincelambac20

    its a good for better sleep and to avoid constipation and good health you try.

  34. Miemie

    Kapeng naturals. Highly recommended

  35. villegasroland80

    Pinakasubok na kape sa nagamit
    Mix 10 herbal coffeethe best!!!

  36. sweetbongabong05

    My favorite. Nice and very good to our health.

  37. vfrancismay22

    Amazing coffee. I love it very much

  38. villegasroland80

    Mix 10 coffee is the best!!

  39. joechacj

    I love this coffee.. I like the aroma and the taste. Delicious 👍😂

  40. Jerry arellano

    This coffee is so amazing!

  41. jimmysibonga27

    I love this coffee..I drink 3 times a day and I feel good..

  42. villegasroland80

    Ito ang kape na natural puro ang sangkap at wala halo kemikal…
    Garantisado produkto s mix 10 herbal cofeee .

  43. sweetbongabong05

    Amazing coffee. I love it very much!

  44. enigernasupag

    This will make my day complete. 
    natural coffee mix10 

  45. Pinky

    The best natural coffee!

  46. gchris_toph23

    The best herbal coffee I’ve ever tasted!

  47. ianmarkenriquez

    the kind of coffee without caffeine that helps to lower high blood pressure. highly recommend!

  48. wjcastanares

    This product is naturally safe and effective.

  49. virgosapphire10


  50. villegasroland80

    My coffee everyday mix 10 herbal coffeee

  51. Jerry arellano

    My favorate coffee!

  52. jimmypatricio

    This coffee taste good i like to drink this every morning. This coffee is good for the body because it is natural.

  53. Miemie

    My all time favorite coffee ❣️

  54. sweetbongabong05

    Very nice and my favorite coffee now!

  55. mariacristyvillacampa1970

    The most effective remedy for constipation. It’s fantastic.

  56. analynbedis954

    It’s taste yummy and healthy

  57. nanayjohnpaul

    Lasap mo ang kalikasan Sa sobrang sarap

  58. joechacj

    Smells good.. It makes me energize every morning.👍

  59. janiceremosil18

    Very safe and effective, all natural with high level of antioxidant.

  60. gchrisvin

    Before I was constipated, but now I can really feel the freeness of bloated stomach.
    Healthy and Tasty coffee Ive ever used.

  61. marineldangan

    Amazing coffee

  62. Carmen

    With high efficacy of Mix !0 ,which I am been using for the last 4 years solved my problem on constipation .and I can sleep well without hassle .Personally proven ,Come , enjoy the effectiveness of this product.

  63. melchorespelita382

    it helps when it comes to constipation, the best coffee , I love it!!!

  64. primefm.tandag

    I love this coffee..

  65. Pinky

    Proven and tested…

  66. grevztoph04

    The best coffee.
    Because this 10 all natural ingrendients can give more benefits to our body

  67. faithayo07

    Proven and tested all natural

  68. gchrisvin04

    the best coffee.
    because it is all natural ingredients and more benefits

  69. richiejane13

    The best coffee

  70. Carmen


  71. Carmen

    Great ,helps digestion combat constipation very affordable

  72. Carmen

    Great , helps digestion and combat constipation

  73. Gezza_0206

    The best coffee I ever had. It helps regulate my bowel movements.

  74. palenciaaprilboy

    Mix 10 herbal coffee is one of my favorites because it is a non-acidic coffee and helps to regulate bowel movements.

  75. Roland Jiffer Chai Villegas

    The best coffee everymorning

  76. Kathrene

    It tastes delicious and, because of its potent ingredients, gives a plethora of extra advantages.

  77. ianmarkenriquez

    My life is not complete with out MIX 10 Herbal Coffee. The best Coffee I’ve ever know.

  78. Miemie

    Pure herbal coffee. Must try

  79. rosalindaagpoon598

    proven and tested product♥️

  80. agustinoliver58

    Very good to all constipated.

  81. Cristine Ladera

    I love this coffee. it helps me a lot with my constipation. I really love it.

  82. Ferla

    I ❤️ MIX10 coffee
    #second time aroun☕


    Indeed, very effective and my favorite herbal coffee.

  84. Benjie M. Lambac

    Very nice, very affordable

  85. say say

    maganda ito lalo na sa mga hindi mailabas ang dumi araw-araw, maibalik ng kapeng ito ang regular bowel movement mo.

  86. Jerome Porras

    My Perfect Partner every Morning. Gives me Strength and Good Bowel Movement

  87. Juvy V.

    The best coffee ever. No more constipation for me. Highly recommended.

  88. Analyn Bedis

    Mix10 red napakasarap talaga nito, amoy pa lng mapapa wow ka na talaga. Hmm.. sarap

  89. Marvin Tadlas

    Maganda talaga to. Ito nagpagaling sa constipation ko.

  90. Pinky

    Proven and tested..

  91. Cristy Villacampa

    A one-of-a-kind coffee made entirely of natural ingredients that you will undoubtedly like.

  92. Miemie

    Good as Anti-constipation

  93. jimtags

    very good to keep my bowel movement at two to three times a day…. also to have a very sound sleep at night… it keeps me energized during the day…


    This coffee is great!

  95. Christopher Gacutan

    good for those with insomnia like me, it relieves constipation and it can improve your sleeping

  96. Lonalisa Cerna

    Omg! This is my favorite coffee I used it for about 4yrs now and I found myself healthier.


    The best coffee, It helps to regulate my bowel movement.

  98. Jerome Porras

    My day could not be completed without Mix 10. Gives me Strength and Energy. Feeling always Full not hungry even i dont eat Heavy Meal and Rice.


    This product helps me to boost my energy everyday


    Napaka epektibo talaga ng fulvic minerals…..

  101. serjascherryann

    I drink Mix10 coffee 3 times a day. It cures my acid reflux.

  102. Pinky

    it relieves constipation and it can improve your sleep.


    The best coffee!

  104. Joy R

    My only coffee!

  105. orffa

    This coffee is delicious, and the roast is a really solid middle ground that gives you some of the acidity of a lighter roast.

  106. Edward Gil Baranda

    A one-of-a-kind blend of coffees.
    There are ten natural components that can satisfy and meet your body’s nutritional requirements.

    Cleansing and boosting are made up of ten natural substances.

    10 substances with over 100 abilities to improve the health of your immune system.

  107. orffa

    100% ORGANIC making it safe and healthy.


    Coffee is love… Very benificial too

  109. Sherwin Emnace

    Masarap at healthy coffee!!!!

  110. Pinky

    Good for constipated

  111. Jerben Entierro

    best coffee ever, hindi kumpleto ang araw ko pag hindi ako nakainom nimu. bili na kayo.

  112. Cherry Ann Serjas

    One of my favorite coffees and it gives you energy.


    Highly recommended! The best coffee ever!

  114. Kathrene

    One of the greatest coffees I’ve ever had. And it’s all extremely good for you.

  115. jovyrobel

    It’s cheaper buying it online, getting the same item, love this coffee its the right coffee

  116. Carmen V. Ragonton

    Energy booster coffee ,relieves constipation and it improves my sleeping habits , really great.

  117. Renie Lucero

    The best coffee I’ve ever had.
    It will help me feel mentally focused, completely energized, burn fat to promote weight loss, and reduce stress and anxiety.

  118. kathrenemanilag1990

    Proven and tested Coffee. It helps my constipation and non acidic coffee.

  119. David Isaias Madarang

    I really liked this coffee because of its health benefits and the fact that it is completely natural and delicious.

  120. Benilda Santera Bacani

    this coffee really fits to my daily activities ,the taste the benefits truly natural …highly recommended

  121. diane.avila

    Kapeng Natural, It helps me sleep better and improves constipation.

  122. Jerry arellano

    I love this coffee

  123. josie sarballon

    This coffee is best for me i love the taste and i had great day with Mix 10 coffee

  124. Nelia

    thank you seller! sobrang sarap ng lasa, affordable pa.


    Nice! Super healthy and safe unlike other coffee brands. A must-try!

  126. Kiah

    Masarap ka partner sa umaga at hindi masakit sa tummy ko kahit wala pa akong kain.
    Bibili ako ulit nito.

  127. Byun Karol Macabutas

    Epektibo at Garantisado! Masarap na, Health pa!

  128. Perrie Macabutas

    Not a coffee lover peru pag tikim ko sa Mix10 the best and Non acidic coffee. masarap at healthy. must try po i highly recommended po talaga.

  129. Rommel pascua

    mabuti ito sa ating kalusogan

  130. Jimmy Sibonga

    The best all in one natural coffee..Highly recommended for everybody!

  131. Grace Emperado

    100 % all natural and best coffee.. safe for kids, pregnant women, and best partners every morning.

  132. Christina Ifsor

    The best coffee I have tried.This is very good for me for constipation.amazing!

  133. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    I like this coffee, it helps my bowel movement daily

  134. bonicacorona05

    Proven and tested Coffee. It helps my constipation and non acidic coffee.

  135. marjory

    super galling!

  136. MGrace Lumasag

    already improved my sleep routine and digestion

  137. jzelcristobal

    I love this coffee it may helps me in my insomnia.

  138. MGrace Lumasag

    For me, it is a powerful coffee. My acidity gone in using this coffee.

  139. Mary Ann Babao

    Tested and proven. 100% all natural coffee. Best for constipation.

  140. quitaragrace

    excellent product indeed.. very glad i’ve try to use this 👍👍👍

  141. Christopher Gacutan

    It’s quite affordable, and it makes me feel better.

  142. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    I love this coffee so much!
    No more insomnia and constipation.Amazing!

  143. jzelcristobal

    The best coffee ever!
    Safe and effective.

  144. Maricel Panergo

    My day wouldn’t be complete without drinking MIX 10 Coffee.

  145. Charyz Cartin

    Healthy coffee a must try😋

  146. Maricris

    The best coffee. I love it.

  147. Ronie dausan

    Very amazing for me

  148. Marites Montoya

    Non acidic coffee

  149. richiejane13

    good for those with insomnia, it relieves constipation and it can improve your sleep.

  150. Judith Chavez

    I highly recommend this Mix10 herbal coffee, because it may helps to prevent my constipation and palpitation.

  151. Irene Ortega

    One of the best coffee thay you can’t resist. Masarap na, healthy pa!

  152. Grasya

    the best and healthiest coffee ☕

  153. Marites Montoya

    Best for acidity


    this product mix 10 10 coffee really effective indeed…

  155. Chinome Rivera

    Thanks for the great benefits in this coffee. You must try this one also.

  156. John Paul Sorinio Nanay

    Best coffee ever , Di kompleto ang umaga ko pag Di ako naka inom nito



  158. Zaldy Balendra

    It really helps me with my stomach acidity and constitution

  159. Marinel Dangan

    The best coffee ever..anti insomia na..anti constipated pa.

  160. Marinel Dangan

    This is one of my favorite coffees. Because it gives me more energy and increases my overall power. I feel really productive every time I have a cup of Mix10 coffee.

  161. Gezza Areglado

    My day wouldn’t be complete without drinking Mix 10 Herbal Coffee. I usually have 3-4 cups a day of this coffee. It’s natural and healthy. And it tastes and smells good. 

  162. [email protected]

    A must try coffee..

  163. mtfu111092

    I love this coffee, more benifits. Must try.

  164. Marilou Almendras



  165. Zaldy Balendra

    It really helps me with my stomach acidity and constipation.

  166. [email protected]

    It tastes great and provides a slew of additional benefits thanks to its powerful components; it’s particularly useful for people who suffer from hyperacidity.

  167. princess_kovich

    Amazing Coffee! can aid constipation and insomnia.

  168. LENIE VALDEZ (verified owner)

    The only coffee who stole my heart…Everytime I feel tired lack of sleep I drink it and it gives me extra energy and it makes my eyes close and inlove over again due to the lovely aroma I smell every time I stir a hot glass of Mix10 herbal coffee…

  169. gcaacbay8

    The best all in one natural coffee

  170. Analiza Tabion

    Nakaka relax at masarap po ang kapeng ito..nakakawala rin po ng mga bukol bukol.

  171. clovel kent

    proven and tested .

  172. girlie caacbay

    The best coffee ever

  173. Azel Antonio

    Very good taste, highly recommended

  174. princess_kovich

    The taste is pure and aromatic! Healthy and effective!

  175. Jacqueline Cotora

    I love drinking this mix10 coffee.Non-acidic coffee and iwas constipation pa.

  176. Geline Sabanal

    Very good for insomnia and constipation. I am not suffering anymore because of this! Thanks dok alternatibo.

  177. Rayjean Doblas

    Love the taste! This is friendly to my stomach. so good.

  178. Wilmenjay Castañares

    This product help me a lot with my constipation. I love it!

  179. Pamee

    The best coffee. Masarap at maganda ang epekto sa kalusugan.

  180. mreynaldo1975

    Mix10 cafe is very efictev in our body.

  181. joanaurelio27 (verified owner)

    Its Wonderful , when i started using this products my constipation cured , verygood products proven & tasted , you can try it too.

  182. Messy Jean Acojedo

    Love this product. very effective so get yours now

  183. apolinariomelvin1986

    It’s a low-cost product that’s also incredibly effective.

  184. Janice Ayo

    My favorite coffee ever. I love drinking mix10 coffee everyday!


    Very effective and affordable, I highly recommended guys.

  186. francis Mark Gacot

    i like this coffe is really really good to our health

  187. Rexylle joy Dolar

    Coffee that 100% natural…the best coffee i tasted…! Highly recomended!!


    Smells great and perfect to all coffee lovers.

  189. virgosapphire10

    I love this coffee. it helps me a lot with my constipation. I really love it.

  190. Edward Ramirez

    Dok F mix 10 coffee has proven to be extremely beneficial in alleviating my sleeping difficulties.

  191. Jerry arellano

    The best coffee ever!

  192. Patty Galagate

    LEgit. ILoveit

  193. Joy Miguel

    I love this coffee. My day is incomplete without mix10-coffee.

  194. Miemie

    This coffee is one of my favorites. Because it prpvides me more power and improves my overall energy level. Every time I have a cup of Mix10 coffee, I feel very productive ❣️

  195. Stella Marie Brillantes

    A one of a kind coffee, that you will surely love it.

  196. Ferl

    MIX10 Coffee helps me feel less tired and increase my energy level ☺️

    I ❤️ MIX10 COFFEE !

  197. Jimmy Sibonga

    The best all in one natural coffee..Anti constipation and anti diabetes.

  198. Judy Bless Rendula

    This product helps me to boost my energy everyday as I do my task❤️

  199. Jorge Bagtak

    It was Good. . love it

  200. Syrll Jan Betonio

    Effective herbal coffee .. must try

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