Dok F Magnesium Ascorbate (12ml)

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Dok F Magnesium Ascorbate your daily source of magnesium. Best for iodine deficiency, goiter/ anemia, mineral deficiency and cardiac arrest. It contains seaweeds and Dok F Fulvic minerals.


How to use Dok F Magnesium when experiencing heart or stoke attack symptoms

1. Tear the seal and shake the Magnesium Ascorbate bottle before removing the cap
2. Put 20-30 drops of Magnesium Ascorbate under the tongue, leave it for a minute then swallow

How to use Magnesium Ascorbate to prevent heart failure and diabetes

1. Tear the seal and shake the Magnesium Ascorbate bottle before removing the cap
2. Directly put 10 drops of Magnesium Ascorbate under the tongue, leave it for a minute before swallowing, best repeat it 3x a day

Note: If you can’t consume it directly, mix it in a glass of water. Best formulation, combine it with Dok F Fulvic Minerals

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28 reviews for Dok F Magnesium Ascorbate (12ml)

  1. Juday


  2. jacquelinecotora88

    good for iodine deficiency and goiter.May help also as anti-stroke and anti-cancer.

  3. porrasjerome95

    i used this when im feeling nervous and vomiting

  4. lenievaldez916 (verified owner)

    I love it….so effective for goiter and hypertension…

  5. Bonica Coroña

    Super effective.

  6. Pinky

    A good product for palpitation.

  7. jimtags

    Wow, this is truly effective as my emergency food supplement whenever I feel anything not quite good… I will order again.

  8. adomingoramos813

    No more worries for hypertension and most especially for people with problems on thyroidism. This is it. The amazing wonder effect of this natural dok f magnesium ascorbate. Truly highy recommended .❤

  9. Zaldy Balendra

    Good for the heart and goiter. Amazing

  10. Noime Manzanero

    Very effective and safe. It helps to normalize our blood pressure.

  11. Carmen V. Ragonton

    Prevents the growth of GOITER and lowers hypertension sure na sure.


    safe and effective to normalize blood pressure

  13. Jodelyn Pantinople

    Good for heart palpitations. Effective and safe

  14. Analiza Tabion

    Effective to normalize blood pressure

  15. quitaragrace

    Indeed a very exceptional product I’ve used.

  16. Pinky

    Good for palpitation…


    Super effective.. I used it everytime i had headpain.

  18. Kathrene

    This is a fantastic product. I use it whenever I experience heart palpitations.

  19. Mary Ann Babao

    Super effective. I used this product as my emergency food supplement.

  20. maegorres196

    I used this products when i had a heart burn and this helped me a so amazing products! Try this also and it won’t let you down😊

  21. Ferla

    Can relieve headaches. AMAZING 😉

  22. Christina Ifsor

    Very effective tested and proven!.Iodine deficiency goiter and anemia.

  23. quitaragrace

    Wow what a tremendous product

  24. Gezza Areglado

    Very effective product. I use every time I have heart palpitations.

  25. Geline Sabanal

    It helps cure heartburn/ heart palpitations.

  26. [email protected]

    one of Dok Alternatibo emergency formula , and it’s 100% natural and safe, it’s really effective.

  27. Messy Jean Acojedo

    effective and safe

  28. jessa mae lozada

    I super like this product. It is really and actually a huuuuuge help in bringing down high blood pressure. mabilis nagpababa ng presyon….as in. 6years ko na ginagamit ito pang emergency. bili kyo…sure ito makatulong sa mga gaya ko. I always have one in my bag para cgurado. Promise!

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