Dok F Lagundi Capsules with Fulvic Minerals

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Lagundi is a tested and proven effective herbal medicine of DOH and BFAD. Dok F lagundi capsule is the only product with Dok F fulvic minerals, it is effective in increasing our immune system.

It also:



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99 reviews for Dok F Lagundi Capsules with Fulvic Minerals

  1. Carmen

    With COVID 19 ,Lagundi the best medicines for cough with Fulvic mineral.

  2. sweetbongabong05

    It keeps me healthy and it heals my asthma.

  3. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    I highly recommend this β™‘

  4. sweetbongabong05

    Now, I am not attacked by asthma every time I got tired and lack of sleep.

  5. wjcastanares

    Very Usefull nowadays. Naturally safe and effective

  6. sweetbongabong05

    This is what we need, especially nowadays with the pandemic. Even when you cough once, many people would think that you got COVID. And, thanks to this Lagundi Capsule because it heals my asthma. Now I am totally healthy.

  7. jimmysibonga27

    Safe and effective for cough and prevent symptoms of covid 19

  8. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    I’ll buy again. Very Safe and Effective.

  9. orffacole37

    it is effective in increasing our immune system.

  10. Juday

    i received the item in good condition

  11. Miemie

    Effective and safe. It relieves my dry cough

  12. Junax

    For me, this is a remarkable experience.

  13. brillantesstellamarie

    pure herbal love it !

  14. Miemie

    Highly recommended

  15. jimmysibonga27

    The best remedy for cough..I used it

  16. sweetbongabong05

    It is really nice and effective, especially for those people who are suffering asthma.

  17. adomingoramos813

    This is proven .i used to take this capsule prevention for my asthma .really help me a lit

  18. Jerry arellano

    Natural safe and effective!

  19. brillantesstellamarie

    It so Great ! effective and pure organic!

  20. Miemie

    5 stars for me coz it’s very effective

  21. sweetbongabong05

    Highly recommended for those suffering from Asthma. This product is proven and tested.

  22. riverachinome

    Make our Lungs healthier. I highly recommend this natural Lagundi.

  23. Pinky

    Best remedy for cough no side effect

  24. porrasjerome95

    i used to take it everytime i have a Phlegm

  25. janiceremosil18

    Safe and effective, all natural

  26. panergomaricel22

    It’s good for the lungs very effective

  27. jimmypatricio

    It’s very effective for relieving any throat problems like cough or asthma highly recommend this product.

  28. jimmysibonga27

    proven and Tested and now used naturally to fight covid 19.

  29. sweetbongabong05

    The best for healing coughs. So good!

  30. ferlanatonton


  31. maloualmendras8

    Super effective to me!!

  32. panergomaricel22

    It’s proven and tested safe, I always take this!

  33. Pinky

    Amazing product!

  34. mjd80213

    Very effective to protect the lungs.

  35. jimtags

    very safe and effective product for my lungs….no overdose…prevents cough and colds…natural anti biotic against any kind of infections especially at the lungs area…truly amazing…

  36. janiceremosil18

    Proven and tested

  37. melchorespelita382

    very effective for my cough, proven and tested.

  38. richiejane13

    Safe and effective

  39. joechacj

    Proven and for lung health

  40. orffacole37

    I love this capsule it really works! I take it when I get a little congested at night by morning I am all good. I use this for my asthma.

  41. palenciaaprilboy

    This nutritional supplement supports my respiratory and immune system. It assists in the relief of coughs and other lung-related issues. Effective and safe!

  42. Miemie

    Proven and tested. Must try

  43. Jodelyn Pantinople

    Proven and tested πŸ’―% effective

  44. Jerome Porras

    Everytime i have Cough, i used to take it and it’s very effective and highly recommended for Asthmatic.

  45. John Paul Sorinio Nanay

    Sulit ang bayad , very effective

  46. april angelique Diesca

    This product is amazing!

  47. Chinome Rivera

    Love our Lungs! Use this, for healthier Lungs.

  48. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Best treatment for cough!

    Highly recommended πŸ’›

  49. Pinky

    Proven and tested

  50. Carmen V. Ragonton

    Great !!!!!!! affordable alternative medicine for cough …..

  51. Nelia

    i highly recommended this product in terms of quality and effectivity.

  52. Nelia

    i highly recommended this product in terms of quality and effectivity


    A very big help to all of those suffering asthma.

  54. Jodelyn Pantinople

    I take it daily to strengthen immunity

  55. Analiza Tabion

    Very effective and natural.

  56. quitaragrace

    excellent product indeed.. very glad i’ve try to use this πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  57. Juvy Villaruel

    Proven and tested by myself. So effective on my cough.

  58. princess_kovich

    Guarantied Effective! I have fever, it helps me relieved!


    Ih helps me cure my coug with in 2 days…

  60. Sherwin Emnace

    It provide the healthy lungs!!!

  61. Pinky

    it is effective in increasing our immune system.


    Cough, catarh, and colds are all helped by this herb. It aids in the removal of mucus from the lungs. This is excellent for asthmatic patients.

  63. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    The best for my cough

  64. allanandrade032

    It can helps relieved cough and asthma. Thanks for this amazing product.

  65. Carmen V. Ragonton

    Helps prevent long arching COUGH,EFFECTIVE .

  66. Noime Manzanero

    Very effective for me and natural remedy for cough.


    Very effective. No more long-term coughs. It gives immediate healing.

  68. maegorres196

    Verry effective and natural.Safe to use πŸ‘Œ

  69. Ferla

    100% ORGANIC

  70. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    So effective for my cough! Highly recommended πŸ‘Œ

  71. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    So effective for my kids cough! No over dose! So safe.

  72. Miemie

    I highly recommend this product for those who have lung issues and dry cough. It’s very effective and safe.

  73. joanaurelio27

    Its cleans my lung verymuch.i felt good now.

  74. [email protected]

    For patients with lung issues or the flu, this product is strongly recommended.

  75. jacquelinecotora88

    100% natural ingredients.proven and tested to cure cough.


    tested and proven for cough and colds

  77. Jimmy Sibonga

    The best remedy for cough and other respiratory problem..Safe and effective!

  78. Christina Ifsor

    Super effective for my coughs . Everyday using this makes my lungs safe.I love this.

  79. Emz Villanueva

    Dok F lagundi capsule very effective on my dry cough..I highly recommend

  80. gezza026

    Highly recommended. This is very safe and effective for lung care.

  81. Mary Ann Babao

    100% Natural supplement for cough and colds.

  82. Wilmenjay CastaΓ±ares

    An effective product for those who had a cough with phlegm. A safe and trusted.

  83. Maricris

    Tested and proven.

  84. richiejane13

    Very effective

  85. Grasya Jumao-as

    proven and tested. it alleviates respiratory conditions such as coughs, colds, and asthma. relieve mild to moderate cough.

  86. zaldy.balendra

    Proven and effective.

  87. jovyrobel

    I take this before my cough gets worse, very effective!

  88. jzelcristobal

    Very effective and safe .it helps to fight cov19.

  89. mtfu111092

    Verry effective and safe.

  90. rose ann diaz

    This capsules include a large number of the benefits of lagundi.
    This has a significant effect on our lungs.

  91. arlenelibradilla00

    This capsule is very effective and affordable to me.

  92. LENIE VALDEZ (verified owner)

    Cough Problem?I used it and very effective for me


    Tested and proven.

  94. Rexylle joy Dolar

    Lungs problem??fever??flu??
    Try Dok f lagundi capsule…100% tested and proven..i highly recommend this product!

  95. Geline Sabanal

    Good for cough, catarch and colds. It helps remove phlegm from the lungs. This is very good for asthmatic person.

  96. clovel kent

    proven and tested .

  97. Marilou Almendras

    So effective on my dry cough,I take 2 capsules every 4hrs. and after 2days there’s a big difference.

  98. Messy Jean Acojedo

    Good for cough. I recommended this capsule to my mama and it’s really effective.

  99. virgosapphire10

    Wow! I love this very effective and safe!

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