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Dok F Kidney Cleanse is made from banaba a natural diuretic and antioxidant that is good for the kidney. It also contains bitter ground and Dok F Fulvic minerals.

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108 reviews for Dok F Kidney Cleanse Capsules

  1. sweetbongabong05

    Perfect for cleaning your kidneys. Proven and tested.

  2. vfrancismay22

    Legit na legit
    Thankyou so much pure herbal

  3. sweetbongabong05

    Highly recommended for those having Kidney Stones.

  4. sweetbongabong05

    It keeps my kidneys clean and healthy. Proven and tested.

  5. Carmen

    The best among other medicine for kidney

  6. wjcastanares

    Naturally safe and very effective. Subokan niyo.

  7. vfrancismay22

    Pure natural and very safe must try!Wow

  8. jimmysibonga27

    Highly recommended..natural, safe and effective.

  9. sweetbongabong05

    Let it become part of your daily essentials. Love your kidney. Yes to this wonderful Kidney Cleanse Herbal.

  10. sweetbongabong05

    It really cleanse and keeps my kidneys healthy.

  11. orffacole37

    helps Flushing out waste and toxins prevents potential infection.

  12. perriemacabutas

    Pure natural and safe and effective

  13. brillantesstellamarie

    pure natural and very safe must try!

  14. joechacj

    Super effective product..

  15. brillantesstellamarie

    super effective ! and pure natural!

  16. migueljoy14

    Proven and effective

  17. Miemie

    Very effective.

  18. jimmysibonga27

    Protects my kidney and improves bowel movement.

  19. Phoebe 💜

    Very effective!

    Highly recommended for kidney problems ❤️

  20. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    Proven. Very effective!

  21. jacquelinecotora88

    very effective for kidney problem.

  22. brillantesstellamarie

    Legit na legit ! Thankyou so much ! pure herbal!

  23. Miemie

    effective kidney cleanse

  24. migueljoy14

    Proven and effective capsules

  25. jimmysibonga27

    It’s a natural diuretic and antioxidant that’s beneficial to the kidneys.

  26. sweetbongabong05

    I love my kidney that is why this product is part of my daily routine now. Thanks to Dok Alternatibo! I love it.

  27. sweetbongabong05

    Very effective and no side effect. I love it.

  28. riverachinome

    Proven and tasted. Love our kidney. Try now!

  29. Pinky

    Help for kidney stone problem

  30. wjcastanares

    Naturally safe and effective.

  31. jimmypatricio

    It doesn’t just help the kidney but also protects it from any kidney problems very good highly recommended.

  32. marineldangan

    Pinaka epektibong gamot sa may kidney failure..

  33. porrasjerome95

    Very Effective and Good for any Kidney Problem like UTi

  34. porrasjerome95

    My Hero. This Capsule rescued me from my Kidney Problem(UTI).

  35. alesernelia3

    Thank you seller. Supper sulit, affortable and very effective pa.

  36. april angelique Diesca

    the alternative way to cleanse our kidney

  37. Miemie

    Safe and effective for kidney problem

  38. panergomaricel22

    It’s good for Kidney problem, Highly recommended!

  39. sweetbongabong05

    I love my kidney so I take this product 3x a day.

  40. mariacristyvillacampa1970

    The best for Kidney prevention..

  41. mariacristyvillacampa1970

    The most effective treatment capsules. It’s incredible.

  42. joechacj

    Effective for my UTI👍

  43. maramagdokalt

    Very effective ❤️💛

    Highly recommended 💛

  44. richiejane13

    Safe and natural i cleanses our kidney

  45. janiceremosil18

    Very safe and effective, all natural.

  46. Melvin A

    I feel better, and it’s affordable, effective, and highly safe.

  47. camporedondoannaliza

    Subok na at napatunayan effective a mga may kidney problem tested na mabisa

  48. camporedondoannaliza

    Subok na at napatunayan

  49. melchorespelita382

    Best for kidney problems, and antioxidants.

  50. brillantesstellamarie

    tested and proven

  51. palenciaaprilboy

    This medicine or food supplement is highly recommended for those who suffer from renal problems or urinary tract infections. There are no adverse effects and it is quite effective!

  52. Jerben Entierro

    Safe and effective, best for kidney problems. It Regulates bowel movement, very accommodating seller and very fast delivery.

  53. Miemie

    All natural and best for kidney problems.

  54. Judy Bless Rendula

    Natural kidney stones washout


    Very effective. Good for our kidney.

  56. serjascherryann

    It can cure your UTI or any kidney problem safely and naturally.

  57. Carmen V. Ragonton

    Regulates bowel movement and it increase fertility to adults , really very effective.

  58. orffa

    This is the most complete kidney supplement out there. Niacin to support phosphorus levels & heart health.

  59. Nelia

    i highly recommended this product in terms of quality and effectivity.

  60. Jodelyn Pantinople

    If you have kidney problems. This product is highly recommended

  61. jimtags

    natural kidney cleanser…safe and proven effective for me…wow amazing…

  62. Ms. Mel

    this supplement is the best to keep your kidney healthy ❤️

  63. Jerome Porras

    Big help to my Kidneys because i have UTI before and its good for me to make my Kidneys Healthier now compare before

  64. Juvy V.

    Good for my kidney problem. Very effective for me.

  65. Pinky

    antioxidant that is good for the kidney

  66. Zaldy Balendra

    Proven and tested

  67. kamahalan.2010

    the most effective for kidney care, as well as a nutritional supplement


    It helps to cleanse our kidneys.

  69. Kathrene

    Has amazing effect

  70. NEQUE

    natural kidney cleanser its effective you should try it!


    Dok f kidneycleansing is the answer to all kidney problems… I definitely suggest dz product since it has been well tested and confirmed!!

  72. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    Very helpful specially sa mga may problema sa kidney


    Safe and natural kidney cleanser


    proven and tested, a must try product


    Be kidney lover! Try it now, super effective!

  76. maegorres196

    I love this product🥰highly recommended👍Legit😊

  77. Ferla

    Prevent skin breakouts such as acne.

  78. jovyrobel

    Good buy, worth the money. Effective on daily use.

  79. gezza026

    It is very safe to take. An effective and natural way of treating kidney problems.

  80. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    So effective for any types of kidney problem.

    Highly recommended 💛

  81. Jimmy Sibonga

    Highly recommended to cleanse your kidney..Very safe and effective!

  82. eljoydotillos58

    This amazing formula is really effective in kidney problems. It made from all natural and organic ingredients so you don’t need to worry about adverse effect cause this product is all natural.

  83. joanaurelio27

    Verysafe to used , its help a lot to cured my Kidney Problems, you must try it too.

  84. jessa mae lozada

    Good for the kidney cleanse !! 🙂

  85. princess_kovich

    Very Good and effective! especially with kidney problems.

  86. [email protected]

    also aids in the detoxification of our kidneys and toxins

  87. francis Mark Gacot

    love this cleansing formula of Dok A. Has amazing effect

  88. jacquelinecotora88

    very useful for kidney problem.Made in natural formula.100% effective.

  89. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    Legit and very effective sa mga kidney problem

  90. Buhisan

    Proven and tested

  91. MGrace Lumasag

    It is good for the kidney as a cleanser, great!

  92. Christopher Gacutan

    Very helpful

  93. Mary Ann Babao

    Made from natural ingredients.

  94. Grasya Jumao-as

    excellent product 🤩 it helps dissolve kidney stones. will order again..

  95. Analiza Tabion

    Safe and effective supplement for kidney problem.

  96. Maricris

    Safe and effective . A natural kidney cleanser.

  97. Ms. Mel

    It helps me to cure my uti before.. Safe and natural ❤️

  98. Marites Montoya

    Natural kidney cleanser

  99. mtfu111092

    Effective and safe.

  100. arlenelibradilla00

    This capsules is very effective for me and feel the best ever.

  101. LENIE VALDEZ (verified owner)

    Very effective for gallbladder problem

  102. clovel kent

    proven and tested .

  103. Rexylle joy Dolar

    For any kidney problems…dok f kidney cleanse is the answer…100% tested and proven..i highly recommended dz product!!

  104. allanandrade032

    Safe and effective if you use this type of capsule from Dok Alternatibo. Thanks for having me this.

  105. Geline Sabanal

    I love this cleansing formula of Dok A. Has amazing effect! Anyone should try this!


    Good for the kidney.

  107. Melissa Mae Alfante

    Very effective, legit

  108. virgosapphire10

    kidney cleanse helps my father with his kidney problem. safe and effective.

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