Dok F Hot & Cold Coffeee Grinder

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Dok F Hot & Cold Coffeee Grinder the durable stainless steel Multi-food processor that has multiple functions to make your day conveniently healthy.

Best for:
* Soya Milk
* Grain Milk
* Grain Paste
* Fruit Juices
* milkshake
* vegetable soup
* chicken soup
* boil/steam egg

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 40 × 20 cm

117 reviews for Dok F Hot & Cold Coffeee Grinder

  1. sweetbongabong05

    Proven and tested. Very affordable and worth the price.

  2. sweetbongabong05

    Very affordable and worth the price.

  3. migueljoy14

    All in one kitchen buddy

  4. ferlanatonton

    Proven and Tested πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  5. Carmen

    excellent machine in making juices and other products really great ,buy one ,tested and proven

  6. villegasroland80

    Make ur food natural!!

  7. sweetbongabong05

    Worth the price and very affordable. I love it.

  8. villegasroland80

    Safe and ready to use!!!

  9. vfrancismay22

    This is good for making fruits and vegetable juices

  10. sweetbongabong05

    This is amazing. Very affordable and worth the price. I can’t stop using this when I purchase one.

  11. villegasroland80

    Its great!!!!

  12. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    Very convenient.. I’ll order again.

  13. Carmen

    Lasting ,very durable and effective machine to you

  14. villegasroland80

    Easy to use

  15. brillantesstellamarie

    very useful and durable

  16. sweetbongabong05

    Super affordable and worth the price. Highly recommended.

  17. sweetbongabong05

    I really love its scent and cooling effect to my skin. Proven and tested.

  18. Carmen

    The efficacy is 100% durable and convenient to use for coffee producer

  19. perriemacabutas

    Very nice product. Multi purpose must try.

  20. perriemacabutas

    Very nice product. Multiple functions highly recommend.

  21. villegasroland80


  22. brillantesstellamarie

    Highly recommended!

  23. Miemie

    Very affordable

  24. sweetbongabong05

    Very nice and affordable.

  25. villegasroland80

    Garantisadong cookbuddy

  26. panergomaricel22

    You can make natural antibiotics at Home,very convenient!

  27. christinapepito1624

    This season of summer .It is good to use for combining fruits to be shake.i love this product.

  28. brillantesstellamarie

    The best quality and highly recommended!

  29. sweetbongabong05

    Very affordable and worth the price. I never regret in purchasing this product.

  30. Pinky

    Unique juicer

  31. alesernelia3

    Worth it ang bayad dahil Supper durable and easy to use. Thanks seller.

  32. Miemie

    Cook buddy is my kitchen buddy 😍 Love it.

  33. maloualmendras8

    Very useful.I Love it much.

  34. panergomaricel22

    Very affordable,yet good quality machine, you must try this!

  35. joechacj

    Worth the price. Very convenient

  36. jefford.lingolingo

    Wow very affordable and great quality

  37. Pinky

    all in 1 cookware…

  38. primefm.tandag

    I used this when i cook

  39. brillantesstellamarie

    very affordable ! and very safe!

  40. melchorespelita382

    it makes it easier and can help when it comes to ….delicious and healthy food

  41. palenciaaprilboy

    Dabigc has yet another incredible machine. Practical, all-in-one, and immensely helpful when it comes in preparing healthy foods and juices.

  42. allanandrade032

    Good for daily used even if hot or cold, very nice.

  43. arlenelibradilla00

    This amazing multi food processor, its nice and it is easy to use.

  44. Kathrene

    It makes it easier and more delicious for me to prepare my own natural juice.

  45. agustinoliver58

    This good for all the very amazing cook ware.

  46. Cristine Ladera

    This is good for making fruits and vegetable juices.

  47. Judy Bless Rendula

    ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Super high quality and I think it will last forever! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


    Worth the price and very affordable.

  49. Benjie M. Lambac

    nice product has a multiple functions. Get yours now

  50. april angelique Diesca

    very durable and affordable

  51. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Hectic schedule?

    Try this multifood convenient… easy to operate.

  52. Pinky

    Best cookware ever….

  53. Miemie

    Durable and very affordable.

  54. orffa

    Good value for the money.

  55. Gerald Bangcaya

    Thanks to this modernize machine.. Helps me make my natural juice easier and more tasteir

  56. Jodelyn Pantinople

    Multi purpose, efficient and effective

  57. Ferla

    Fast and Time-saving.

  58. jimtags

    this is truly a multi- tasker in food preparation to keep your food healthy…very easy to use… a true partner in the kitchen to keep us healthy with our food…truly amazing invention…

  59. AnastacioHalaman,Jr.

    The best Multi food processor for me. the best thing about cokbuddy is the juice function. within just 2 minutes I can able to drink my favorite juice. Perfect for a busy person like me.

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  60. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Multi food processor!

    So convenient to use πŸ˜‰

  61. quitaragrace

    Wow what a tremendous product

  62. Jerome Porras

    I Love Fruits that is why i really love to use this to make Fruitshake. Love also to cook Champorado using this.

  63. Ronie dausan

    Add to cart na😍😍

  64. Charyz Cartin

    Amazing cookware.. πŸ‘πŸ‘ It is quite convenient to use

  65. camporedondoannaliza

    Cookbuddy ay maituturing na katuwang sa buhay lalo na sa gaqaing bahay.. Love it

  66. Cristy Villacampa

    This cookbuddy is fantastic… since it makes it simple to prepare nutritious meals.

  67. Jerry arellano

    My wife love this, multi function coockware

  68. annaliza Alponte

    Affordable convenient and safe to use

  69. Sherwin Emnace

    Effortless in producing a healthy food.

  70. Pinky

    for fuits and vegetable juicer

  71. Stella Marie Brillantes

    the best and worth it!

  72. Noime Manzanero

    Amazing. The best partner in kitchen.

  73. Kathrene

    It is very cost-effective. machine of excellent quality and safety.

  74. Jerben Entierro

    all in one talaga tong cokbuddy machine, I used it for making milkshake etc. very amazing machine

  75. Mary Ann Babao

    Tested and proven. Amazing partner in our kitchen.


    A multi purpose cook buddy..ang galing damung gamit.

  77. Jimmy Sibonga

    quality and efficient.

  78. Josie Sarballon

    Its a big help for my family in preparing healthy foods specially to my father when his foods needs to be in juices type and in logaw.. so convinient to use

  79. Juday

    Very durable and covenient to use

  80. Miemie

    Convenient and easy to use

  81. Benilda Santera Bacani

    a multi purpose and a perfect buddy @kitchen..o durable and affordable

  82. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Blessed to have this at my convenient.

  83. joanaurelio27

    Wow its amazing , hassle free its asy to used .

  84. jimtags

    great machine, effective and very helpful to prepare healthy food

  85. Grace Emperado

    most convenient and easy partner in the kitchen

  86. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    The best machine with multiple functions

  87. Irene Ortega

    Exceptionally well-made and trouble-free. A multi-food processor can help you live a healthier lifestyle in a more convenient way!

  88. Ronie dausan

    So affordable easy to use


    This multifunction cookware, really amazed me in terms of its function and durability.
    It also helps me to prepare juices in a span of 2mins..

  90. Joy R

    Effortless, reliable cookware. Thanks for this.

  91. richiejane13

    Multi-food processor that has multiple functions to make your day conveniently healthy.

  92. zaldy.balendra

    Make healthy food and drinks with cookbuddy.Β 

  93. Mgrace Lumasag

    My kids really love the home made soya milk I have made from this multifood processor

  94. Junrel Bitang

    I can drink fresh juices from fruits and vegetables on a regular basis thanks to the multifood processor.

  95. Marites Montoya

    Multifunction cookware and effort less

  96. Judith Chavez

    Whattaa Perfect Food processor in 1 machine. You can cook,boil,juice,chunky, blend.
    I am so lucky to have this on my home.

  97. mtfu111092

    Multi functions.

  98. jzelcristobal

    Woow.. this machine is so amazing and very convenient to use daily.

  99. Rose ann diaz

    This is the most easy and partner for diet.

  100. mjd80213

    A lot of functions to make your lifestyle healthy and very amazing.

  101. Zaldy Balendra

    very nice cookware. It is convenient for making beverages either hot or cold.

  102. gcaacbay8

    A multi-food processor that has multiple functions to make your day conveniently healthy.


    Easy to used and it is affordable….Good for making fresh fruit juices shake

  104. Rexylle joy Dolar

    A amazing cookware that easy to used and convenient..100% highly recommended

  105. Marilou Almendras

    Effortless,Time saver and Multifunction cookware..
    Everybody must have this.

  106. Mary Ann Babao

    This is my all-in food processor. Easy to use and time efficient.

  107. Melvin A

    The products are fantastic. You can make soy milk in 30 minutes. You can also cook lugaw and juices

  108. Analiza Tabion

    Nakaka wonder po talaga ang product na ito.It has multi function.

  109. Geline Sabanal

    I love it! It makes my work easy and convenient!

  110. Rayjean Doblas

    Great machine. I like using it for cooking soup. We can use it also as a blender in making juicy fruits. Excellent.


    performs especially well in our tests for coarse and fine ground coffee making it a great

  112. Analyn Nelmida

    Efficient Machine and we will order again


    This is indeed a good device with a lot of options. Get yours right now.

  114. Melissa Mae Alfante

    Erecommend ko talaga ito sa friends ko lalo na multi purpose siya.

  115. Junax

    This is good for making fruits and vegetable juices.

  116. Messy Jean Acojedo

    Nice product has a multiple functions. Get yours now


    So affordable and feel relaxing to use.

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