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Ang Hampol ay nagtataglay ng capsaicin isang compound na nagmumula sa capsicum. Ang compound na ito ay mayroong heating effect na tumutulong sa pag activate ng nerve cell. Mayroon din itong Menthol effect na siyang tumutulong na mapabuti ang blood vessels sa namamaga o masakit na parte ng katawan at nagbibigay din ito ng cooling sensation. Mainam din ito sa balat dahil ito ay may taglay na vitamin E na siyang mopo protekta sa balat laban sa pagkapinsala, at tumutulong din ito upang mabawasan ang pamamaga ng balat. Dahil sa taglay nitong mga aktibong ingredients, ang DOK F HAMPOL ay mabisang panlunas o gamot sa aches, pain at inflammation na dulot ng muscle fatigue, muscle pain, paninigas ng balikat o stiff shoulder, pananakit ng likod, pasa, pilay, arthritis, bone fracture at minor frostbite. Dagdag pa nito, ito ay nagtataglay ng anti-inflammatory at analgesic properties na nagbibigay ng mas mainam na benepisyong pangkalusugan.


• Contains anti-inflammatory properties
• Contains analgesic properties
• Contains vitamin E
• Reduces inflammation
• Relieves muscle pains
• Relieves joint pains
• Reduces inflammation
• Relieves muscle fatigue
• Treats stiff shoulder
• Relieves back pain
• Treats bruises
• Relieves rheumatoid arthritis
• Relieves bone fracture
• Relieves minor frostbite
• Relieves pain from osteoarthritis

Dok F Hampol How to use Dok F Hampol to relieve pain
1. Clean and dry the affected area, and wash your hands
2. Tear the packaging and take out the plaster
3. Bend the plaster and remove backing film
4. Apply the adhesive part directly on the affected area
– use one patch at a time
– a single patch could be applied for up to 8 hours
– if the pain occurs again 8 hours after applying the first patch, a second patch could be applied. Remove the first patch first before applying the second patch.
– Dok F Hampol is suitable for adults. Children under 12 years of age should consult the doctor first

Warnings: When using this product:
– use only as directed. For external use only
– avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, rashes, wounds or damage skin
– an allergic person should consult a physician
– if you have sensitive skin, consult a doctor before using
– do not use with a heating pad
– discontinue use at least one hour before a bath and do not use immidiately after a bath

Stop use and ask a doctor if:
– rash, itching of excessive skin irritation occurs
– conditions worsen
– if symptoms persist for more than 7 days *

Keep away from Children to avoid accidental poisoning

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23 reviews for Dok F Hampol (Tapal)

  1. Carmen

    presently using hampol ,feel refresh upon waking up in the morning back pain is gone,

  2. jacquelinecotora88

    this is amazing product.vert effective.

  3. Junax

    For me, this is amazing.

  4. jimmypatricio

    Very effective for body pains and aches i really like the cooling effect it gives it relaxes my tense muscles.

  5. lenievaldez916 (verified owner)

    Proven and tested …It releives back pain!!!

  6. Pinky

    Very effective product.

  7. richiejane13

    Relieves back pain

  8. jimtags

    soothing and relaxing cool effect especially for muscle pains…long lasting effect up to 48 hours before i remove it…very effective and economical…

  9. Mary Ann B.

    Super effective for back pain.

  10. Carmen

    Best for body aches and muscle pain

  11. Ferla

    Relieves stress and fatigue. PROVEN AND TESTED!

  12. Bonica Coroña

    Relieves body and muscle pains.


    Good for muscle pain ..

  14. Noime Manzanero

    It is amazing. It serves as remedy for back pain. Very natural


    The best product, it can stays long even for 3 days.. Can relueved muscle pain

  16. Pinky

    Good for joint pain…

  17. [email protected]

    Body aches and muscle pain are relieved, and the sensation is delightful.

  18. junax838

    For me, this is a remarkable achievement.

  19. junax838

    I found it to be quite amazing.

  20. quitaragrace

    Indeed a very exceptional product I’ve used.

  21. Melvin A

    Muscle pain no more.
    Try this one friend.

  22. Geline Sabanal

    I love this! Much better than any salon pass. It reduces a lot of pains.

  23. Gezza Areglado

    It’s very effective at relieving body aches. And the patch can not be easily detached from where you put it, unlike other patches.

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