Dok F Gotukola Herbal Oil (60ml)

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Guto kola herbal oil

Ingredients: Fulvic minerals, Guto Kola, Avocado seeds, Eucalyptus, VCO, Menthol, Menthol Salicylate, P.Ment, and Capsicum

Ang Dok F Guto kola herbal oil ay makakatulong sa pagpapabuti ng circulatory ng mga ugat sa katawan, ito ay gawa sa mga natural na sangkap tulad ng Guto Kola herbal plant na kadalasang ginagamit sa mga traditional Chinese at Indonesian medicine dahil sa kakayahan nitong makapang gamot sa mga skin issues tulad ng eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, allergies, mosquito bites at marami pang iba. Ang Guto Kola ay mabisa rin sa mga nararamdaman tulad ng: arthritis, muscle pain, back pain, gas pain, body pain, joint pain, head ache, at mild burns. Nakakatulong din ito upang maiwasan ang stretch mark at peklat dahil sa sugat. Nakakatulong din naman ang Guto Kola ointment upang maiwasan ang anxiety at stress. Dahil mayroon itong Fulvic Minerals mabisa din itong anti-bacterial at anti-fungal herbal oil.


Put a dime-sized amount on your forearm. Rub and massage gently to affected area.


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32 reviews for Dok F Gotukola Herbal Oil (60ml)

  1. Miemie

    Can cure skin allergies.

  2. Juday

    perfect for body massage

  3. adomingoramos813

    Tried and tested natural liniment. Experiencing backpain no more.

  4. jacquelinecotora88

    may relieve arthritis and skin problem like warts,acne, rashes,and mild burns.

  5. Pinky

    May relieve arthritis, muscle pain

  6. porrasjerome95

    With Sweet Aroma and Perfect to use for Body Massage.

  7. ferlanatonton

    Effective for muscle pains.

  8. richiejane13

    It relieves my back pain

  9. mjd80213

    Very effective in all kind of pains.

  10. Mary Ann B.

    Super effective for muscle pains.

  11. perriemacabutas

    Stress reliever. Very effective for muscle pain. Highly recommended

  12. Jerry arellano

    I used it before i sleep.

  13. Zaldy Balendra

    Proven and effective for muscle pains

  14. Jodelyn Pantinople

    Effective for muscle pain and body pain.

  15. Rayjean

    I use it everynight just to stay away from mosquito bite. It is also very relaxing and I had a good sleep.

  16. Noime Manzanero

    It is adorable. It relieves my back pain and headaches.

  17. Carmen V. Ragonton

    An Ointment that refreshes body pain usually used by Senior Citizens after work ,effective and excellent ointment.


    proven and tested 100% natural

  19. jimtags

    Wow…this is really a great and effective product, it really works.

  20. Pinky

    makapang gamot sa mga skin issues tulad ng eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, allergies, mosquito bites at marami pang iba.

  21. Kathrene

    When I started using Gotokula liniment oil, my backpain, numbness, and skin rashes all disappeared.


    So amazing for muscle Pain and I used it every night before bedtime..

  23. Ferla

    It may help reduce anxiety and stress.

  24. Miemie

    Good for body pain.

  25. Maricris

    I love it. It relieves my muscle pains.

  26. jacquelinecotora88

    can cure skin problem,tested and proven to me.

  27. Christina Ifsor

    When I tried this product,It relives my back pain.This is so great!

  28. quitaragrace

    Indeed a very exceptional product I’ve used.

  29. Geline Sabanal

    It relieves stress, body aches and pains.

  30. Gezza Areglado

    I’ve been using this for almost two years now, when I have back pain, or when I have leg cramps. And it is not too hot on your skin when you apply it.

  31. [email protected]

    Personally, I bring it with me wherever I go. It appealed to me because it was scented and claimed to alleviate physical ache.

  32. joanaurelio27

    My backpain, numbness , skin rashes was gone when i started using Gotokula liniment oil, very effective for me base on my personal experience , what are uou waiting for use it too , so that you can felt what i felt now.

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