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Ingredients: Maca root, yohimbe, Korean ginseng, horny goat weeds, vanilla, spirulina, cinnamon, red chili pepper, fennel and Dok F fulvic minerals

Dok F MIX10 booster can boost a lot of your body functions. It can enhance your cardiovascular endurance and it can act as an aphrodisiac.  Dok F Mix10 booster contains 10 highly selected and carefully calculated ingredients that is extremely beneficial to our body. It is packed in transparent capsules so that you can clearly see its content, no hidden ingredients and no synthetic drug added.



  • Boosts cardiovascular endurance
  • Relieves Prostate Problem
  • Alleviates Lung Problem
  • Anti-stroke
  • Anti-heart attack
  • Sex enhancer



Take 2 capsules per day every morning and evening accompanied with enough water, healthy diet and exercise.


Do not take more than 2 capsules per day

Closely monitor health conditions and the immediate effect of the supplement

For people with severe physical condition, must complete the required treatment and follow the recommended formula



First seven (7) days – Take 1-2 capsules per day for seven days and drink adequate amount of water with MIX10 herbal coffee, you can experience immediate effect on your insomnia, sex endurance, cardiovascular endurance. Money back guaranteed.


For two (2) weeks – Take 1-2 capsules daily for two weeks, observe your health conditions and the effect of the supplement to your body. It will show positive effects on sexual capability and can help reduce erectile dysfunction. It can help you to have a good night sleep. Money back guaranteed.


For thirty (30) days –  Take 1-2 capsules daily for thirty days, observe your health conditions and the effect of the supplement to your body. It is highly beneficial to your cardiovascular endurance and sex endurance. You will have a better breathing and you will have an improved blood circulation. You can prevent heart attack and strike and it can alleviate lung and prostate problem. Money back guaranteed.



After drinking it is normal that you can experience:

  1. Headache – if this will occur, you lack water in your body. You have to drink adequate amount of water and drink DOK F MALUNGGAY CAPSULE AND DOK F SPIRULINA CAPSULE.
  2. Waterystool – if you will notice that you have watery stools, that is a sign of detoxification. Accompany your DOK F MIX10 BOOSTER WITH DOK F DETOXfor proper treatment, drink 1-3 bottle caps.
  3. Feeling hot – if you are feeling hot, you need to release the energy in your body through exercise or sexercise.
  4. Heart palpitation – if you will notice faster heart beating or heart palpitation, you need to drink more water and partake DOK F MAGNESIUM ASCORBATE.
  5. Sexual endurance is not enhanced – it can be used to test your prostate problem. If 30 minutes before taking the elixir and your sexual capability is not enhanced, you need to undergo the 30-day treatment and follow the DOK ALTERNATIBO FORMULA.


For best results:

Breakfast – take 1 capsule of Dok F MIX10 booster, adequate water intake with DOK F FULVIC MINERALS AND MIX10 HERBAL COFFEE or B-COMPLEXplus fruits (banana or root crops)

Lunch – eat a healthy meal (veggies, brown rice and protein-rich foods) and water with DOK F FULVIC MINERALS

Dinner – take 1 capsule of DOK F MIX10 BOOSTER, drink natural juices and eat veggie salad or soup. Drink DOK F BANANA OR MANGOSTEEN CIDERbefore bedtime.




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56 reviews for Buy 1 Take 1 Dok F Endurance Booster Mix 10 Booster Capsule with Fulvic Minerals

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