Dok F Elixir #2

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Raw honey, Apple cider vinegar, Banana cider, Yohimbe , Vanilla Powder, Magnesium Ascorbate, Mangosteen, Turmeric and Ginger, Tongkat ali plus Fulvic Minerals and vitamin C

Ang Elixir Number 2 ay gawa sa sampung piling pili na mga sangkap at dinagdagan pa ng raw honey at vitamin C. Ito ay isang pain reliever na kayang maibsan ang ating mental, emosyonal at pisikal na mga kasakitan. Ito rin ay maganda para sa mga babaeng buwan buwan na nakararanas ng dysmenorrhea at muscle spasm. Mabisa ito sa pagbabalanse ng hormones sa ating katawan. Ito din ay mabisang gamot sa mga muscle pains ng mga lalaki. Mayroon din itong sangkap na Yohimbe at Tongkat ali na maaring sex enhancer. Bukod diyan, ito rin ay isang anti-depressant na nagpapakalma at nagpapaganda sa ating mood dahil sa sangkap na banana cider na puno ng serotonin at dopamine. Sa iba’t-ibang sangkap at nutrisyon na nasa elixir mayroon itong multiple impact para sa ating katawan.


Pain reliever
Energy Booster
Treats hunger pangs
Good for digestive health
Rich in probiotics and Vit. C
Balances Hormones
Sex Enhancer
Improves life and over-all health

NOTE: For Elixir Number 2 to be effective as a sex enhancer it requires sexual desire, without that build up the energy will be converted for cell regeneration and rejuvenation.

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60 reviews for Dok F Elixir #2

  1. sweetbongabong05

    It keeps me strong and healthy.

  2. sweetbongabong05

    Proven and tested. I love it.

  3. villegasroland80

    Wow amazing!!!

  4. villegasroland80

    My favotite good to our body..

  5. villegasroland80

    Wow !!!
    Its all favorite

  6. villegasroland80

    Good product
    Delicious !!!!

  7. Juday

    use this everyday

  8. villegasroland80

    I like the taste
    Good for the health..

  9. brillantesstellamarie

    very effective and safe ! must try

  10. cutie143kent

    its Amazing , very affective and affortable.
    This is Very Effective.

  11. villegasroland80

    I like it
    The taste veey pure

  12. Juday

    This makes me look younger and fresh ,

  13. jimmysibonga27

    This product is so amazing.

  14. Pinky

    good for sleep disturbance

  15. AnastacioHalaman,Jr.

    this is for long life. powerful formula.

  16. jacquelinecotora88

    100%natural.Its amazing.

  17. villegasroland80

    Sarap at epektibo pa s lahat ng may nararamdaman
    Kaya subukan na!!

  18. marineldangan

    Safe and effective..

  19. panergomaricel22

    Very effective, no chemical added!

  20. m.baterina

    it strengthens my immune system.!

  21. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    Proven and Tested! Worth to spent.

  22. Pinky

    very safe..

  23. jefford.lingolingo

    Wow, very affordable, tested and proven

  24. melchorespelita382

    very effective to boost the immune system and energy.

  25. Kathrene

    Very effective, as well as tried and true.

  26. Roland Jiffer Chai Villegas

    Tested and proven product..affordable

  27. josie sarballon

    Very effective and been tested to a COPD clients and helps to boost immune system

  28. Cristine Ladera

    Amazing, it really works and very effective

  29. Benjie M. Lambac

    Very nice , very affordable

  30. Pinky

    Proven and Tested…

  31. Carmen V. Ragonton

    This product is expensive for it is compose of so many natural ingredients that can enhance , and prolong sex where husband and wife enjoyed.

  32. Nelia

    very effective proven and tested!

  33. darling villaflor

    It’s been tried and tested. It’s good for your digestion.

  34. Ronie dausan

    Very amazing for me😍😍


    It’s my energy booster.Now and Then…

  36. Pinky

    Para kay manoy…

  37. NEQUE

    good for the lungs it helps boost respiratory system.

  38. Sherwin Emnace

    It helps boast respiratory system !

  39. Edward Gil Baranda

    Even if I work from sunrise to night, the extra strength that 3 to 5 table spoons provide to my body is incredible.

  40. Stella Marie Brillantes

    The best ! and worth it !


    Proven and tested.

  42. orffa

    What an amazing addition to my stack of supplements. It’s been over two weeks since I started using this product and the benefits have been beyond what I expected.

  43. Jerben Entierro

    Dok F Elixir Energy Booster talaga ito at Rich in probiotics and Vit. C, in short andito na po lahat, i recommend this to everyone to try this product.

  44. Kathrene

    Amazing…. very efficient

  45. Patty Galagate

    Super effective. Highly recommended

  46. Rayjean

    Love it. Proven and Tested.

  47. zaldy.balendra

    best for energy boosting. Truly amazing.

  48. Jimmy Sibonga

    This product is so amazing..

  49. Miemie

    Very affordable and safe to take.

  50. jessa mae lozada

    Wow, this is truly effective, I will order again.

  51. jimtags

    For me, this is a remarkable experience, truly effective…

  52. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    Amazing, it really works and very effective

  53. Mary Ann Babao

    Tested and proven. Good for digestive health.

  54. Analiza Tabion

    Proven,tested and very wffective

  55. Judith Chavez

    Wooww!! Its amazing, Proven and tested! 😍

  56. gcaacbay8

    Very effectivce gawa sa sampung piling pili na mga sangkap at dinagdagan pa ng raw honey at vitamin C

  57. princess_kovich

    It works for me, and its effective!

  58. clovel kent

    proven and tested .

  59. Junax

    For me, this is extremely impressive.


    So affordable and feel better for me!

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