Dok F Eau De Toilette (10ml)

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Ang Dok F Eau De Toilette ay ang sinature scent perfume formulation ng Dok Alternatibo.

Sa tulong ng pinagsama sama nitong natural na sangkap tulad na plant oils, oil oxtender, at natural alcohol mahahanap ng bawat isang Pilipina ang kanyang mapang-agaw at perperktong samyo.

Kung ikukumpara sa ibang mga perfumes, ang pormulasyong ito ay hindi nagkaka sanhi ng sinusitis at iba pang lung diseases, skin problems, rashes, at allergies at napatunayan na rin isang environmental-friendly formula kaya makakasigurong ligtas itong gamitin.

Kaugnay nito, maari rin naman itong ihalo sa iba pang available na Dok F Eau De Toilette perfume fragrances upang makagawa ng pansaring pormulasyon ng pabago.


Keep out of the reach of children
Please do not use for other purposes
Please do not use direct sunlight or too high a temperature

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53 reviews for Dok F Eau De Toilette (10ml)

  1. sweetbongabong05

    Smell great and perfect in our homes.

  2. sweetbongabong05

    Naturally safe to be used in our homes. Smells great. I love it.

  3. sweetbongabong05

    Smells great. Amazing perfume. I love it.

  4. wjcastanares

    I love the scent. Smooth lang sa ilong.

  5. vfrancismay22

    give a pleasant and desirable scent to a person’s body.

  6. Juday

    i love the smell

  7. vfrancismay22

    sweet and livable fragrance, and easy to use

  8. migueljoy14

    Mabango di masakit sa ilong ❣️❣️❣️

  9. sweetbongabong05

    Smells great and I love it! It has amazing scent that stays longer than other brands.

  10. orffacole37

    give a pleasant and desirable scent to a person’s body, typically with the aim of increasing self-appeal and self-confidence.

  11. orffacole37

    give a pleasant and desirable scent to a person’s body.

  12. perriemacabutas

    Love the scent !

  13. Junax

    Very amazing for me.

  14. jacquelinecotora88

    I love it.long-lasting fragrance.

  15. sweetbongabong05

    Smells great. I love it!

  16. joechacj

    I really love the smells.

  17. Mary Ann B.

    Amazing perfume.

  18. jimmysibonga27

    Long lasting fragrance.

  19. mariacristyvillacampa1970

    Wow… the scents are wonderful and genuine.

  20. Irene O.

    Dok Alternatibo’s environmentally friendly sinature fragrance perfume. The best!

  21. sweetbongabong05

    Smells good and very nice!

  22. Grasya Jumao-as

    my super highly recommended perfume for everyday use. masarap syang gamitin kasi di masakit sa ilong at yung scent nya talagang long lasting.

  23. Pinky

    Amazing perfume!

  24. jimtags

    long lasting fragrance…no irritating smell….all natural…still good even for asthmatic people…truly a safe perfume for everyone…

  25. Jerry arellano

    Smells good!

  26. richiejane13

    Refreshing scent

  27. Carmen

    sweet and livable fragrance, and easy to use

  28. palenciaaprilboy

    This perfume has a wonderful and distinct aroma, and it is ideal for those who suffer from sinusitis.

  29. NEQUE

    love the scent!


    love the smell natural scent

  31. orffa

    Many fragrances are wonderful, but this, above all, is the very best, in my opinion.

  32. Jimmy Sibonga

    I love this product..I smell fresh all day!
    My family love to use it to…

  33. allanandrade032

    Smell fresh and huggable after I used these perfumes. I like it.


    I tried the violet one,the scent is refreshing

  35. jhelaynacario

    Even after 24 hours, the pleasant odor persists.

  36. Jerome Porras

    Perfect Aroma. Boost my Confidence and feeling young always every time i used it

  37. serjascherryann

    You will always look and feel fresh with this natural and organic perfume.

  38. Juvy Villaruel

    Has long lasting smell. Love it!

  39. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    I really love the fragrance.❤️

    I’ll buy more.

  40. Tessie Payot

    The scent is very refreshing…
    And in affordable price…

  41. Pinky

    Amazing scent….

  42. Noime Manzanero

    It is amazing. The smell of it is very refreshing.

  43. Maricel Panergo

    The aroma is very refreshing,the scent, it’s last long in my body

  44. Grace Emperado

    Using this natural perfume of nature, you will smell wonderful and look fresh every day. There’s no need to be concerned about an allergic reaction.

  45. marjory

    bangong slang katulad

  46. marjory

    banging wla katulad

  47. Christopher Gacutan

    Perfect for everyday wear

  48. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    I super love the smell.❤️❤️❤️

  49. quitaragrace

    excellent product indeed.. very glad i’ve try to use this 👍👍👍

  50. Maricris

    I love this perfume, the natural scent that makes you confident all the time.

  51. Marinel Dangan

    Ang pabangong nagtatagal kahit nalabhan na..may amoy pa.

  52. mtfu111092

    Smell good and safe.

  53. Geline Sabanal

    Amazing perfume and it lasts longer. Perfect for everything! Anywhere i want i never forget to wear this kind of perfume. The scent catch attention.

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