Dok F Detox Soap

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Dok F Detox Soap an all natural soap but cruel to germs and bacteria.




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16 reviews for Dok F Detox Soap

  1. jacquelinecotora88

    100% natural and organic.

  2. Junax

    For me, it was truly amazing.

  3. jhelaynacario

    Detox Soap an all natural soap but cruel to germs and it

  4. noimemanzanero522

    Very effective for me. It cleanse and detoxify our skin.

  5. Gezza_0206

    Amazing product. It really cleanse and detoxify skin.

  6. jimmypatricio

    Very good for dry skin and acne you don’t need to worry about any irritations because it is natural.

  7. lenievaldez916 (verified owner)

    For me it’s a good soap for wounds and it is effective…

  8. jimtags

    best natural soap to heal skin problems, wounds, rashes and irritations, best protection against microbial attacks or infections on the skin….


    Good with skin problem

  10. Pinky

    For allegies skin

  11. Maricris

    I love it. My skin is so smooth .

  12. [email protected]

    It has been proved and confirmed to be beneficial against skin allergies and rushes.

  13. Christina Ifsor

    So good for removing bacteria on our skin. A natural soap that fights from acne.

  14. Geline Sabanal

    Very good for allergies, rushes and any skin disease.

  15. clovel kent

    this is Good For the Dry Skin

  16. Junax

    For me, this is amazing.

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