Dok F Cleansing Capsules with Fulvic Minerals

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Cleansing Capsules helps your body to become healthy without using synthetic medications. Iy also helps your digestive system, boost your immune system and revitalize your internal organs.

It is composed of 5 different capsules for your different organs.

1. Liver Cleanse – is composed of Curcuma longa with curcumin as an active ingredients that helps cleanse your Liver.
2. Kidney Cleanse – has banaba and ampalaya composition for kidney cleansing and smooth bowel elimination.
3. Colon Cleanse – is a co-enzyme from Cassia alata for colon cleansing and smooth bowel movement.
4. Immune Booster – is an antivenom, antioxidant and it also contains tongkat ali that helps boost your immune system.
5. Squalene – Squalene is from shark liver oil which can help cleanse and strengthen the heart and each cell against cancer. It prevents heart diseases, rich in antioxidants, boosts your immune system, helps in curing liver dysfunction and prevents the growth of tumor and cancer cells.




How to use Dok F Cleansing capsules to revitalized internal organs
– Take one (1) of every capsule variant in the box 3x a day after eating
Note: To prevent from choking swallow the capsules one at a time with water

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88 reviews for Dok F Cleansing Capsules with Fulvic Minerals

  1. Carmen

    Essential for body cleanse without synthetic medication

  2. sweetbongabong05

    All in one internal organs cleansing product.

  3. sweetbongabong05

    All in one cleasing capsule. Proven and tested.

  4. vfrancismay22

    All natural cleansing capsule. I take it everyday

  5. vfrancismay22

    Super Effected, Proven and Tested

  6. sweetbongabong05

    This cleansing capsule is all in one already. It really cleans my internal organs which keeps me healthy.

  7. adomingoramos813

    This is truly amazing .really cleanse our internal organs

  8. sweetbongabong05

    It really cleanse our internal organs. Super effective and naturally safe.

  9. sweetbongabong05

    This herbal cleansing is amazing. It cleans not only our livers, kidneys, and colon, but also our intestines. We must try this and see the amazing result.

  10. janiceremosil18

    Proven and tested, safe and effective

  11. brillantesstellamarie

    pure herbal and effective.,

  12. brillantesstellamarie

    tested and proven,.

  13. sweetbongabong05

    We really needs this product because we never know that everything we eat are healthy and good for our body. That’s why I really love taking this product everyday.

  14. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    Wow. Very Effective. Proven and Tested

  15. orffacole37

    It helps revitalize my internal organs.

  16. Juday

    detoxifies body well

  17. Junax

    Tremendous for me.

  18. cutie143kent

    super Effected, Proven and Tested 🙂

  19. sweetbongabong05

    A good internal cleansing in our body. Proven and tested!

  20. Jerry arellano

    For healthy body! The best!

  21. brillantesstellamarie

    VERY EFFECTIVE! and pure herbal !

  22. brillantesstellamarie

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  23. migueljoy14

    The best

  24. jimmysibonga27

    Cleanse naturally and detoxifies our body.

  25. sweetbongabong05

    This is great. Herbal products with no side effect. Tested and proven!

  26. riverachinome

    Boost immunity. Super natural

  27. Phoebe 💜

    Perfect detoxifier!

  28. Grasya Jumao-as

    safe and 100% organic for the overall cleansing of our entire body

  29. porrasjerome95

    My CareTaker of all my Vital Organs

  30. jimmypatricio

    A natural way to cleanse the body without worrying highly effective.

  31. orffacole37

    helps boost my immune system

  32. alesernelia3

    Thank you seller. Supper sulit, affortable and very effective pa.

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    100% NATURAL and safe to use .

  34. sweetbongabong05

    Try it now! Very effective. The results are very visible. Love it!

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    It’s amazing cleansing capsules…very effective.

  36. wjcastanares

    Help you boost your immune system. Naturally safe and effective. Amazing.

  37. Pinky

    A very good product.

  38. jimtags

    cleanse and strengthens the major organs like liver, kidney, colon and heart with booster of the immune system…complete package as preventive maintenance to keep the resistance at its peak…truly amazing…

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    This cleansing capsules is wonderful for me it’s can restore our good health.

  48. NEQUE

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  49. Miemie

    All natural cleansing capsule. I take it everyday

  50. Bonica Coroña

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  51. Juvy V.

    A good start to cleanse and improve my system.

  52. Pinky

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  53. Analiza Tabion

    This cleansing capsules really help me to cure my sicknesss.

  54. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Tested and proven! You must try.

  55. Gezza_0206

    Natural and safe way to cleanse our body and to stay healthy.

  56. kamahalan.2010

    a package of cleaning capsules is an intelligent choice for a cleansing regimen. everything in one place


    Proven and tested!

  58. Rayjean Doblas

    This is really effective for cleansing body…relaxing and 100% safe…

  59. Cristy Villacampa

    This product is wonderful… and it’s quite reasonably priced as well.

  60. annaliza Alponte

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  63. allanandrade032

    Thanks for these cleansing capsules, it makes my day right, I love it.


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  65. Rayjean

    Part of my combo cleansing. Effective experience and relaxing to the body.

  66. Jimmy Sibonga

    100% guaranteed to be both safe and effective!

  67. princess_kovich

    1 box with 5-Cleansing and boosting Capsules, SAVES me a lot plus super Effective for me!

  68. [email protected]

    stimulates the immune system, eliminates toxins, and protects the body from disease

  69. Christina Ifsor

    This product provides capsules that maintain the healthiness of our body.Very effective and proven.

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    the all-natural cleaner that is very beneficial to our internal organs while also maintaining our overall health effective and safe

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    Food supplements that totally cleanse our body, amazing

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    It helps our body diminish toxins

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    This capsules facilitate liver, kidney and colon cleansing and smooth bowel movement. Anti-oxidant. And help to strengthen my heart.

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