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Ingredients: Roasted Civet Coffee Beans and Fulvic Minerals




Ang “Kopi Luwak” aypinakamahalnakapesabuongmundo. Angkapeng to ay galingsadumi ng tinatawagna “Luwak” o civet cat, kinakainnilaangmga coffee beans. Angmgadumi ng Luwak ay mulasaDokAlternatibo Farm saArakan Valley. Ito ay 1000m or 3200 ft above sea level. Angmgalupananasa farm ay puno ng limestone, hindinakinakailangannaaabunuhan ng limestone dahil natural napuno ng limestone anglupasalugar. Ang fermentation ay nagmumulasapag digest ng Luwak, mabababagoangkomposisyon ng coffee berries dahilsa proteolytic enzymes namakukuhasakanilangtiyan.  Pagkataposmailabas ng ‘’Milo o Luwak’’ang coffee beans, ito ay kinukolekta at masinsinangnililinisan at ibibilad at sisimulannaang roasting process.


Ang unique advantage ng Dok F civet coffee saibang civet coffee ay dahilsaprosesonito. Ito ay may patentedauger-type machine naginawapara lamangsa slow roasting process naaabot ng 24 hoursna may tamang fuel at tamangtemperatura. Angprosesongito ay para mapanatiliang coffee aroma at oil nagalingmismosakape. Sa carbonization process nito, ang carbohydrate ay mabibreakdown into carbon, angusoknanarereleasemulasaproseso ay napapanatili, at yun ay magreresultasaisang aromatic at masarapna coffee beans. Kaya itorin ay maganda para samganagkeketo diet dahilsaprosesongito.

After the roasting process, ilalagayangmga roasted coffee beans sa ribbon mixer at yan ay lalagyan ng Dok F Fulvic minerals. Bawatisang bean ay may Dok F fulvic minerals coat para sa mas maramingnutrisyon at para maipreserverinang aroma namulasa roasting process nito. In effect, Dok F civet coffee has added benefits.

  • Enhanced nutrients
  • Captured aroma
  • Attained the ‘Omami’ taste and flavour of Civet
  • Prevents the smoke to evaporate
  • Preserved coffee oil



  • They let the smoke escaped, in effect they let the aroma and oil escape.
  • During harvest after roasting, they failed to add coating to every coffee beans to protect the aroma and oil from evaporation.


Please note: 100% of the coffee from Civet Coffee comes from free-range wild Luwaks living a healthy life. We don’t think any animal should be harmed because of us! Furthermore, Kopi Luwak from wild civets tastes much better than from caged animals. This is because the free-living Luwaks eat only the ripest berries and also have a proper diet and therefore the right enzymes in their stomach to improve the coffee taste.


AngDok F Civet Coffee ay maganda para samga ulcer patients. Ito ay non-acidic kaya safe at magandaito para saatingtiyan. Ito ay keto-friendly at anti-diabetic din, dahilitosakombinasyon ng Dok F fulvic minerals at Civet Coffee naparehongepektibosapagkokontrol ng ating blood sugar levels. Ito rin ay maganda para saating oral health, ang civet coffee ay may anti-bacterial properties nanagpoprotektasaatingngipinsamga cavities kaya naiiwasannatinang oral cancer sapamamagitan ng paginomnito. Puno rinitosa anti-oxidants nanakakatulong para maiwasannatinangmga neurological diseases, tulad ng Alzheimer’s at Parkinson’s disease.Malibandiyanitorin ay ‘aphrodisiac’ at maganda para samga athlete.

With every cup you can assure these:

  • Tasty and Creamy even without coffee creamer
  • With a hint of chocolate taste
  • Less bitter taste
  • A hint of citrusy sour aftertaste
  • No sugar but has a little sweet taste
  • Aromatic
  • Elegant taste


It is packed in a tightly sealed container that is easy to handle and transparent. It is covered with polyphenylene ether (PPE) and aluminium can to assure that the aroma and taste will be preserved than that of the paper or resealable pouches.



Mix 1 to 2 tablespoon in your coffee maker/Cokbuddyor you can chew the coffee beans directly for immediate consumption




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72 reviews for Dok F Civet Coffee

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    natural and effective.

  2. Carmen

    Aromatic smell captures you to drink and feel energetic

  3. sweetbongabong05

    Naturally safe. Proven and tested.

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    I haven’t try this yet ☺️ but my husband love it

  5. sweetbongabong05

    I super love it. Proven and tested.

  6. sweetbongabong05

    It keeps me strong and healthy. I love it. Super effective and tastes great!

  7. wjcastanares

    Naturally safe and very effective. Amazing

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    I so love it ! and effective garb now !

  9. brillantesstellamarie

    super effective and safe !

  10. sweetbongabong05

    Before, I always got angry quickly. But, thanks to this product. It helps me control my emotions and keeps my heart healthy.

  11. ormocbranchdokalternatibo

    The best herbal coffee!

  12. Carmen

    Good for Senior Citizens in their daily beverages

  13. orffacole37

    boosts memory and concentration.

  14. alesernelia3

    I love the quality of this product , thank you seller.

  15. perriemacabutas

    Pure natural and very effective

  16. jimmysibonga27

    I love this coffee

  17. brillantesstellamarie

    pure herbal !

  18. Junax

    For me, it was truly amazing.

  19. brillantesstellamarie

    very pure and effective ! thank you so much!

  20. sweetbongabong05

    Nice and affordable.

  21. Miemie

    Safe and natural

  22. jimmysibonga27

    good for the heart and improves my mood everyday.

  23. sweetbongabong05

    Very effective and highly recommended. I love it!

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    Good for the heart. Safe and natural

  25. gchris_toph23

    keeping me Alert Alive Enthusiastic! Try it now.

  26. Pinky

    so nutritious

  27. wjcastanares

    Naturally safe and effective.

  28. janiceremosil18

    Safe and effective

  29. sweetbongabong05

    So good! Natural and very nice.

  30. ferlanatonton

    Choice for those suffering from migraines. Very Effective 😍

  31. Juday

    Safe and pure organic no additives

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    Perfect coffee everyday.

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    I really love this coffee

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    An amazing product!

  35. gchrisvin

    For coffee lovers ,it is the product that J will recommend. No to palpitation and perfect taste that could ever have from coffee.

  36. melchorespelita382

    good for the body aside from being natural it is very effective and it tasted good. The best coffee

  37. melchorespelita382

    good for the body aside from being natural it is very effective and it tasted good.

  38. perriemacabutas

    Pure natural and safe for the body

  39. lenievaldez916

    It Tasty and Creamy even without coffee creamer…

  40. Jodelyn Pantinople

    All natural kaya sarap araw-arawin

  41. Chinome Rivera

    Not just a ordinary coffee. Try this one

  42. Pinky

    Proven and tested

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    Taste good 😋

    Best Energizer.

  44. Miemie

    Safe and all ingredients are natural

  45. orffa

    This coffee is perfect for a person who has a sensitive stomach or caffeine intolerance. The natural enzymes in the civet’s intestines make the beans less acidic and remove some caffeine from the coffee beans.

  46. s[email protected]

    delicious natural coffee and you can get a lot of nutrients from selected ingredients that have been proven to be effective


    100% natural and its taste good

  48. Edward Gil Baranda

    Wow, this is the best unusual coffee I’ve ever had. There are numerous advantages to living a healthy lifestyle.

  49. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Naturally made!


  50. Phoebe Mae Lagarto

    Naturally made!


  51. Gezza_0206

    Herbal and natural coffee perfect for work. It keeps you alert and energized.

  52. Rayjean

    Great taste…Gonna buy again.

  53. Sherwin Emnace

    Very effective in lossing weights !

  54. Pinky

    Perfectly amazing coffee

  55. Jefford Monares Lingolingo

    Natural and blended it perfectly


    Smells great and you will love it too!


    Because it is made out of entire coffee beans rather than powder, it is 100 percent civet coffee.

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    It smells natural and 100% natural. I love it.

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    Love this coffee..

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    100 percent natural.
    Very nice coffee that i’ve tried in my life.

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    Very nice to all coffee lover because it has more benefits to help our body

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