Dok F 7 Days Combo Cleansing

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The most powerful safe & effective natural herbal products in the world.

Dok Alternatibo 7 days cleansing/total detoxification formula helps to restore your health from

• Hypertension
• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• Coronary disease
• Colon problems
• Kidney Problems
• Liver problems cirrhosis
• Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E,
• Fatty liver disease,
• Iron overload (hemochromatosis),
• Ulcer
• Neoplasia
• Tumors
• Cancers
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Asthma
• Colitis
• Obesity
• Stroke M
• Migraines
• Hepatitis
• Goiter
• Fatty liver
• Insomnia
• Constipation
• Thyroid problems
• Gastritis
and all kinds of degenerative diseases.

All you have to do is to follow the right formula of total detoxification.

More than 1million packages sold out SOLD OUT nationwide since 2007

Health Benefits:

* Feeling lighter and brighter
* Increase energy
* More restful sleep
* Better bowel movements
* Healthier skin, hair and look younger
* Strengthens the immune system

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24 reviews for Dok F 7 Days Combo Cleansing

  1. adomingoramos813

    This is so powerful cleansing of healing boost your natural immune system …highly recommended to everyone

  2. Juday

    super good

  3. Junax

    I found it to be quite amazing.

  4. Miemie

    Prove and tested

  5. Zaldy Balendra

    Proven effective. It cleanses my body and corrects constipation problem

  6. jhelaynacario

    Very powerful products! Proven and tested..

  7. riverachinome

    Proven and Tested for 14th year. Best Natural Formula ever..

  8. ianmarkenriquez

    the trusted and most effective herbal formula to detoxify your body. and helps to restore your health.

  9. porrasjerome95

    The Reason why is my Body So Physically Fit now compare before because of this Perfect Formula.

  10. Bonica Coroña

    All natural! Very effective. Proven and tested.

  11. maloualmendras8

    7days cleansing can detoxify,energize,give u a lot of vitamins/minerals and reprogram also your lifestyle.

    A great help on my health.


    7 days cleansing and detoxification program helps me a lot, proven and tested!

  13. Jerben Entierro

    I love this 7 days cleansing package, very affordable and really effective, it cleansed all the toxins in my body and I really love the result after 7 days, try this and you’ll love the result.

  14. Jodelyn Pantinople

    Lots of bad habit changed since I undergone combo cleansing program. Proven and effective products of Dok Alternatibo

  15. Ferla

    Resolved headaches, muscle aches and fatigue.

  16. jacquelinecotora88

    7 days of cleansing and detoxification program.The best protocol ever.

  17. marjory

    worth it ang cleansing na to!

  18. Juvy V.

    For my overall health restoration. Tested and proven.

  19. Gezza_0206

    Proven and tested. The perfect formula for natural healing.

  20. Pinky

    TOP 1 of my List so very very effective to DETOXIFY your organs….

  21. donitha miola

    All natural ! proven and tested

  22. Mary Ann Babao

    All products included are all 100% natural. Safe and effective. Using this product it has no side effects. My health is restored.

  23. Maricris

    The best complete cleansing formula that helps maintain your good health. Very effective and Safe .

  24. Geline Sabanal

    7days cleansing.
    So powerful and I love the healing process.

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