Chicken Plucker (AP-3)

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Capacity: 12kg/min

Chicken: 3-4 heads/batch

Speed: 1400 rpm

Power: 1500w

Barrel Diameter: 500mm

Size: 69*72*99 cm





Electric Chicken Plucker :

Here’s an economical way to “dress” your “birds” — whether they are chickens, ducks, geese or turkeys. The Chicken Plucker, also known as a Poultry Plucker, works for you by plucking the feathers in just thirty seconds.
This machine is ideal for poultry farms or chicken supply shop.

Chicken Plucker Features:

1.Heavy duty commercial grade professional poultry plucker
2.Stainless steel tube/rotating drum and housing
3.Featehr & water discharge & water tap, easy clean up
4.ON/OFF switch control pillar, to prevent of electric shock
5.3 Sheets covered the motor to avoid water into it
6.4 Rubber legs free standing
7.Ultra soft plucking fingers (Yellow or Blacke)

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 66 × 72 × 99 cm

38 reviews for Chicken Plucker (AP-3)

  1. villegasroland80


  2. villegasroland80

    Good machine very useful!!

  3. brillantesstellamarie

    very durable !

  4. villegasroland80


  5. brillantesstellamarie

    very durable and useful

  6. Carmen

    very useful to chicken retailers, convenient and no hassle

  7. villegasroland80

    High and durable machine!!!

  8. rayjeandoblas321

    efficient machine ever…

  9. villegasroland80

    Quality is good
    Ao durable

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    High quality machine.

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    Worth it ang bayad dahil Supper durable and easy to use. Thanks seller.

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    high quality and efficient machine!!!!

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    The best! Easy to use.

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    Durable and high quality…Easy to use and the price is worth

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    best quality! highly recommended!

  18. Pinky

    Best machinery

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  21. Juday

    It is my second time to order for my small farm , it really helps me a lot

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    Nice one, it made the business run faster.

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    Wow what a tremendous product

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    I highly suggest this incredible machine.

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    Economical and very convenient

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    legit ^_^ so helpful time saver

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    For me beautifully made. So useful!

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    The best and great machine

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    Heavy duty machine that helps you a lot specially for business.

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