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Ingredient: Rosehip Essential Oil


1.It is 100% pure Rosehip essential Oil.

2.Pure Essential Oil has an Amber glass bottle that is really a suitable storage for essential oils. It could secure the nutrients, taste and aroma of the product thus it protects the sensitive essential oil from direct sunlight, UV rays and harmful chemicals.

3.Our company is already 13 years in the health business promoting alternative medicine so you can be assured that no single synthetic ingredient was included and no preservatives added.

4.Our laboratory is duly approved and inspected by DFA.

Ang Rosehip Essential Oil ay mayaman sa antioxidant na siyang tumutulong na malabanan ng katawan ang free radicals. May taglay din itong essential na fatty acids tulad ng oleic, linoleic, palmitic at gamma linoleic acids na ina absorb ng balat at nagiging prostaglandins. Ang compound na ito ay nakakatulong sa pag regeneration ng tissue at cellular membranes. Bukod pa dito, nakakatulong ito sa pag improve ng skin health. Mainam itong panlunas sa acne dahil ito ay nagtataglay ng powerful na nutrients na siyang nag fortify ng balat. Ang vitamin A at C na taglay nito ay nag e stimulate ng produksyon ng collagen. Ito din ay mayroong anti-inflammatory properties na siyang tumutulong na malunasan ang pamamaga na dulot ng eczema. Dagdag pa nito, mabisang panlunas din ito sa joint pains at nakakatulong din ito sa pag strengthen ng kuko bukod pa nito, nakakatulong din ito sa pagpo promote ng malusog na buhok. Sa kabuoan, ang PURE ROSEHIP ESSENTIAL OIL ay nagbibigay ng magandang benepisyong pangkalusugan.

How to use Pure Rosehip Essential Oil to improve mood and health

Aromatherapy (steam inhalation)
1. Boil 3-4 cups of water
2. Pour the hot water in a large and put it on a firm flat surface such as a kitchen table
3. Get a towel, and add 2-4 drops of pure essential oil into the bowl of hot water
4. Put the towel over your head to form a ‘tent’
5. Lean over your face 15-20cm away from the bowl and inhale the steam for 2-3 minutes

How to use pure essential oil to relieve headache, migraine, and body pain
1. Dilute the pure essential oil to a carrier oil (2.5% essential oil 97.5% carrier oil)
2. Put ample amount of the diluted mixture into your palm and massage to the aching body parts

How to use pure essential oil for facial application
1. Wash the face with Dok F Charcoal soap and dry it
2. Dilute 2 drops of pure essential oil to 6 teaspoon carrier oil
3. Mix it the combination
4. Using your fingertips gently apply the oils to the face and neck, avoid rubbing too hard
5. Wait for about 5 minutes for the product to fully absorb
6. After 5 minutes, apply Dok F Facial Cream to the face and neck to give you extra layer of moisture and protection

How to use Pure Essential oil to deodorize a room
1. Add 10-15 drops of your favorite pure essential oil or a combination of 2-3 essential oil (5 drops each) to an ounce of water
2. Mix it, and pour the mixture to a spray bottle or air purifier
3. Spray liberally in your bedroom, bathroom or wherever you desire.



• Rich in antioxidant
• Reduces inflammation and pain
• Fights skin aging
• Helps exfoliate and brightens the skin
• Reduces hyperpigmentation
• Fights against acne and improves facial skin
• Contains anti-aging properties
• Treats various skin aliments
• Heals heal burn and bruises
• Heals dry and cracked lips
• Enhances eyelashes
• Reduces stretch marks
• Treats joint pains
• Improves nail health
• Boosts hair growth
• Soothes redness and irritation

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