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Ingredient: Avocado Essential Oil
Directions: Dilute 10ml of pure essential oil to 500ml carrier oil. Do not use pure essential oil directly to your skin.


1.It is 100% pure Avocado essential Oil.

2.Pure Essential Oil has an Amber glass bottle that is really a suitable storage for essential oils. It could secure the nutrients, taste and aroma of the product thus it protects the sensitive essential oil from direct sunlight, UV rays and harmful chemicals.

3.Our company is already 13 years in the health business promoting alternative medicine so you can be assured that no single synthetic ingredient was included and no preservatives added.

4.Our laboratory is duly approved and inspected by DFA.

Ang Avocado Essential Oil ay mayaman sa vitamin E, potassium, lecithin at iba pang nutrients na nag no nourish at nag bibigay ng moisture sa balat. ang oleic acid na taglay nito at nakakatulog sa collagen production, mabisang panlunas din ito sa sunburn. Samantalang ang vitamins at antioxidant na taglay ng avocado oil ay nakakatulong sa paggamot ng eczema at psoriasis liban dito, nakakatulong din ito sa pagkakaroon ng malusog na buhok at anit. Sa kabuoan, ang AVOCADO ESSENTIAL OIL ay nagbibigay ng magandang benepisyong pangkalusugan.


You can use avocado oil alone or add a few drops into your daily moisturizer to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth. But if you want to go the DIY route, just combine the carrier oil with other oils like emu or tamanu into a bottle. You can also mix in some essential oils to get even more benefits like reducing hyperpigmentation (lavender oil), clearing up pores (tea tree oil), and fading acne scars overtime (rosehip oil), to name a few. Plus, it makes the moisture smell super fragrant.
Relax and soothe your body by adding a few tablespoons of avocado and lavender oil into your bath. Or if baths aren’t your thing, add a few drops into your go-to shower gel (or after-wash lotion) for an avocado-infused wash. Whether it’s a bath soak or a quick shower, avo oil will hydrate the skin and leave it feeling smooth.
Scalp Care
A hot oil treatment can reduce dandruff and an itchy scalp. Melt 3 to 5 tablespoons of avocado oil and ½ cup of water in a bowl. Let it cool down before massaging the mixture onto your scalp. You can leave it overnight or rinse out with shampoo.


• Protects the skin from UV rays
• Relieves joint pains
• Promotes skin health
• Fights against wrinkles
• Helps treats periodontal disease
• Relieves inflammation
• Accelerates wound healing
• Treats sunburned skin
• Improves nails and hair
• Keeps skin hydrated without oily residue
• Balance oil production
• Rich in vitamins and minerals
• Reduces pain

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