Diluted Lemongrass Essential oil with VCO (30ml Euro Dropper)

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Ingredients: Oregano oil (2%) and Virgin Coconut oil (98%)
Unique Advantages of Lemongrass oil with Virgin Coconut Oil

1. Lemongrass essential oil with VCO is ready to use and easy to apply. It is 100% with all-natural ingredients.

2. It is placed in an Amber glass bottle, a suitable container for essential oils. It secures the nutrients, taste, and aroma of the oil and protects it from direct sunlight, UV rays, and harmful chemicals.

3. Lemongrass oil with VCO has a combination of local and imported ingredients thus it is sustainable.

4. Dok Alternatibo Corporation is in the health business promoting holistic healing and alternative medicine for 13-yrs so you can be assured that there are no single synthetic ingredient and preservatives added in every formulation

5. Our laboratory is approved and inspected by DFA

Ang tropical plant lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus, Cymbopogon flexuosus) ay tradisyonal na ginagamit ng karamihan sa panggagamot dahil sa taglay nitong antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, at antifungal properties.

Ang pormulasyong 2% pure lemongrass essential oil at 98% virgin coconut oil ay isang ready to use oil na mainam at safe ipahid sa katawan upang masaklolohan ang masakit na kasu-kasuan o rheumatoid arthritis, dahil sa taglay nito inti-inflammatory properties.

Nakakatulong din ito upang mabawasan ang pananakit ng ulo at migraines dahil sa taglay nitong eugenol compounds na pinaniniwalaang may abilidad na kapareho ng aspirin.

Mainam din naman itong gamitin langis pang masahe sa katawan upang ma protektahan ito laban sa; ultraviolet rays at skin damage o oxidative damage ng mga free radicals sa balat, na siyang nagdudulot ng maagang palatandaan ng pagtanda.

Dagdag pa rito, ang pormulasyong ito ay may kakayahan ding makapag regulate ng mood, pagtulog, appetite, at cognitive functions dahil sa inire-release nitong serotonin o happy chemical.

How to use Diluted Lemongrass Essential oil to relieve back pain

1. Position the person receiving the massage on their stomach on a massage table, mat, or mattress.
2. The person should remove their shirt or wear something loose fitting to raise above the lower back to allow for the massage to occur directly on the skin.
3. Place a pillow under the breastbone, a rolled towel under the forehead, and a rolled towel under the ankles.
4. Cover the person’s legs with a towel, and tuck it in the pant line to protect clothing from massage oil.
5. Put an ample amount of Dok F Diluted Essential oil to the palm
6. Rub massage oil in your hands, and spread the oil on the person’s lower back with smooth strokes from your hands.

How to use Diluted Essential oil to alleviate muscle and body pain
1. Put an ample amount of Dok F Diluted Essential oil to the palm
2. Rub massage oil in your hands, and spread the oil to affected area with smooth strokes of your hands.


– decreases rheumatoid arthritis pain
– relieves headache and migraine
– treats acne, psoriasis, and eczema
– regulates mood, sleep, and cognitive functions
– moisturizes dry and sensitive skin
– purifies the skin
– detoxifies skin
– retains skin moisture
– protects the skin from sun damage
– prevents the early signs of aging
– treats oily skin
– helps prevent infection
– accelerates wound healing
– contains antibacterial properties
– pampers skin
– has antifungal properties
– eradicates ringworm
– contains antioxidant properties
– fights free radicals
– promotes good night sleep
– relieves stress and anxiety

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