Diluted Essential Oil Eucalyptus with Virgin Coconut Oil

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Ingredients: Lavender essential oil, and Virgin Coconut oil


1. Diluted Essential oil Eucalyptus with VCO is ready to use and easy to apply. It is 100% with all natural ingredients.
2. It has an Amber glass bottle that is really a suitable storage for essential oils. It could secure the nutrients, taste and aroma of the product thus it protects the sensitive essential oil from direct sunlight, UV rays and harmful chemicals.
3. Diluted Essential oil Eucalyptus with VCO has a combination of local and imported ingredients thus it is sustainable.
4. Our company is already 13 years in the health business promoting alternative medicine so you can be assured that no single synthetic ingredient was included and no preservatives added
5. Our laboratory is duly approved and inspected by DFA

Ang Diluted Essential oil Eucalyptus with VCO ay may pangunahing sangkap na Virgin Coconut oil (98%) na nagbibigay ng magandang benepisyo sa balat dahil ito ay may kakayahang e moisturize at rejuvenate ang balat. Mabisang panlaban ito sa premature aging dahil ito ay mayroong antioxidant property. Mayaman din ito sa vitamin E na siyang tumutulong upang maiwasan ang pagkakaroon ng skin cracking at pinapanatili nito ang natural na langis ng balat. Ang virgin coconut oil ay nagtataglay ng lauric acid na siyang tumutulong upang ma protektahan ang balat sa ibat ibang mikrobyo.

Dagdag pa nito, may sangkap din itong Eucalyptus oil (2%) na may magandang benepisyong naidudulot sa katawan, ang matapang na amoy nitong woody, spa-like aroma ay nakakatulong sa pagpapagaan ng paninikip ng dibdib bunga ng sintomas ng ubo at asthma. Mabisang panlunas din ito sa pamamaga at sugat sapagkat nagtataglay ito ng anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial at analgesic properties. Nakakatulong din ang Eucalyptus oil sa pagpapataas ng production ng ceramide na siyang tumutulong sa pagpapanatili ng moisture ng balat.

Sa kabuoan, ang DILUTED ESSENTIAL OIL EUCALYPTUS WITH VIRGIN COCONUT OIL ay nagbibigay ng magandang benepisyo sa balat. Hindi lamang nito nagagamot ang mga karamdaman patungkol sa balat bagkus nakakatulong din ito sa pagkakaron ng malusog na pangangakatawan.

How to use Diluted Eucalyptus Essential oil to relieve back pain

1. Position the person receiving the massage on their stomach on a massage table, mat, or mattress.
2. The person should remove their shirt or wear something loose fitting to raise above the lower back to allow for the massage to occur directly on the skin.
3. Place a pillow under the breastbone, a rolled towel under the forehead, and a rolled towel under the ankles.
4. Cover the person’s legs with a towel, and tuck it in the pant line to protect clothing from massage oil.
5. Put an ample amount of Dok F Diluted Essential oil to the palm
6. Rub massage oil in your hands, and spread the oil on the person’s lower back with smooth strokes from your hands.

How to use Diluted Essential oil to alleviate muscle and body pain
1. Put an ample amount of Dok F Diluted Essential oil to the palm
2. Rub massage oil in your hands, and spread the oil to affected area with smooth strokes of your hands.


• Clears sinuses
• Boosts mental clarity and combat brain fog
• Relieves sore muscles and joint pains
• Keeps bad breath at bay
• Stimulates scalp
• Fights against dandruff
• Soothes insects bites
• Helps cuts and scrapes heal
• Relieves sunburn
• Combat stress
• Alleviates headaches
• Disinfect wounds
• Soothes cold sores
• Contains antimicrobial properties
• Contains antioxidant properties
• Contains anti-inflammatory properties
• Increases skin hydration
• Reduces inflammation
• Increases collagen production
• Lightens the skin
• Prevents premature ageing
• Retains moisture
• Heals wounds
• Helps skin growth
• Minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles
• Calms temporary redness of the skin
• Contains antioxidant properties
• Soothes irritated skin

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  1. kathrenemanilag1990

    This is simply amazing.

  2. Junax

    For me, this is incredible.

  3. mtfu111092-3548

    very effective

  4. Zaldy Balendra

    Helps cuts and scrapes heal. Wow amazing

  5. Kathrene

    When I have a headache and a clogged nose, this is my pain reliever.
    It has a pleasant and welcoming scent, and you will find it quite calming.


    The best essential oil and very effective.

  7. Clovis Sabornido

    VCO has been under clinical trial as anti-COVID 19 formula. This project is simply effective.

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