50L Feed Mixer Stainless Steel

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Model: 50L

Mixing Capacity: 35L

Material: SS304

Thickness: 3mm

Motor Power: 2.2kw

Speed: 35rpm

Mixing Time:15-20 minutes

Discharging methods: Bottom valve; 100mm

Voltage: 220v 50-60hz 

Mixing uniformity: >99%

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1.1This horizontal ribbon mixer is characterized with simple and reasonable structure, easy maintenance, low power, safe reliability, high mixing evenness, without residual, excellent tightness etc.

1.2. Screw mixer mixing time is short , the mixing evenness degree is high( cv ≤7%).

1.3.This mixer have two screws, that working with one shaft, giving short mixing cycle (3 minutes) and high mixing homogeneity;

1.4.U type structure ensures the low resistive exercise of the mixing material (powder, semiliquid ) in the cylinder body of small resistance movement.

1.5.Widely used in poultry, animal feed, livestock plants, chemical, food and flour industries, etc.

Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 100 cm

3 reviews for 50L Feed Mixer Stainless Steel

  1. patrociniogalagated3rd

    Legit heavy duty and easy to use

  2. Judith Chavez

    Highly recommended the high quality of this machine.❣️😍

  3. Geline Sabanal

    It carry out my task in a very effective and more efficient way.

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